I didn't take outfit pictures of anything this weekend since I figured you guys know what denim shorts and a t-shirt look like. Yesterday I wore this, sort of.

Saturday we went to MoMA to see:

- Picasso prints,
- very loosely interpreted myths in modern time,
- London Underground posters,
- 3 intertwined household design exhibits

... and had dinner at Worrijip - and now I'm hankering for kimchi pancakes. I totally want to learn how to make egg-less veggie pancakes. Just like one day I'm going to make Toffutti cream cheese penguins.

Oh, I did take a picture of these timely mini-MJ cell phone charms at Kinokuniya!

v. Thriller or v. Bad

Love, MJ

Did you guys know that all the fall clothing preview catalogs Kinokuniya sells come packaged with a tote or handbag?! They had them for Fred Perry, Roxy and Kitson. Like, it was the same crappy Roxy catalog I get in the mail with a Roxy hobo bag shrink-wrapped with it. Go figure, fashion world.

Sunday I headed uptown for a mani/pedi my friend treated me to for my (belated) birthday and then lunch at Candle Cafe (mmmm vegan tuscan seitan parm sandwich). Afterward I met my new coworker in our 'hood for iced tea and then had dinner at the boyfriend's apt.

I originally had plans Saturday night to head to NJ to see Uncle Floyd but regrettably had to cancel! Booo!

Hopefully you guys had a good weekend. Where'd you go? What'd you do? What'd you eat?


  1. OMG the penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to make those!
    I recently saw a penguin exhibit at the ca academy of sciences - they're funny little guys. They apprently "steal" from each other to build nests. Which reminded me of Wallace and Grommit where the Penguin is a diamond theif...

    The food you had sounds amazing! I will def. be asking you for nyc food suggestions!

    haha. we had korean food too this weekend. I made it at home-since a co-worker brought me a jar of korean red-pepper flakes...

  2. Thank you for your cable-free encouragement! My boyfriend had a mild freakout from cable withdrawal already, but I'm hoping it will get better with time. I'm excited about it!

  3. I went to the Kinokuniya store in San Fran earlier this month, for the first time, I was there so long it drove my bf crazy! I cant believe all the magazines they had with so much cool stuff inside! definitely will be my go to spot in SF!


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