Summer Long Sleeves, Shoveling Compost, A Salad

Have people always worn long sleeves (or recommended wearing long sleeves) so much in the summer? Have I just noticed it this year or has this always gone on?

I just think it's weird. Even though I wear black all summer and other people think that's weird.

Anyway, my last week was "awesome", if by "awesome" I mean working 13-16 hour days and then having to turn compost for 6 hours on Sunday. People, I shoveled for 6 hours, awarding me the back of a 90 year-old man for a day or two. And a bunch of bruises. Thankfully my boyfriend came and finished the last bit of Bin 1 for me because, even though I climbed into the bins and shoveled and sat on a chair to shovel to help my poor old man back, I was so totally over regular shoveling. I didn't even take a break to pee! 6 hours! I did get to hang out with a 2 year-old and let him pet, hold and name worms from the compost bin. My other friends for the day? A catbird and a few mice.

So, I shoveled musty food scraps and went to IKEA over the weekend, most notably, eating Pizza Plus more times than I'd care to admit.

Which is why I'm excited that I was able to make my own lunch today. I haven't done more than bring a frozen burrito to work in the past month or so. Behold...a salad! Finally, something to stick in the Bentos and Other Food category on my flickr account.

Tuesday Lunch!
mixed greens, carrots, chick peas, artichokes

Sadly only the carrots and tomatoes are local. I did get a Vitamix, so I've made a bunch of kale smoothies and fruit smoothies. Deceivingly filling! And easy. I'm pretty sure I want to put together a recipe book of "assembly food", because that's what I love. You know, the kind of cookbook the mom from Mermaids would love.


  1. Oh NO! I hope you're back feels better. And, hope that you didn't have to do the old man things and go for the bengay.

    Your salad loos so good!

    Oh, as for long sleeves. I've been wearing long sleeves and sweaters/blazers almost all summer- if you can even call it summer. I think today we may have a high of 62.
    Apparently this is the coldest summer in the bay area in 40 years.

    But when it's warm out. no and no to the sleeves.

  2. I bet you enjoyed that salad, I know I always enjoy a good steak salad after a long day of work.

  3. WEll....people are more conscious of the ageing effect the sun has on our skin now...perhaps the peeps are aiming for a Nicole Kidman-esqe type translucent white hue? I hear she doesn't go out in the sun without a brolly. (translation of my NZ slang: brolly = umbrella)

  4. I am jealous of your lunch. I have been eating processed pre-packaged junk for the past couple days and I just feel gross at the thought of more. But did I pack a lunch today? No. I have been so busy that food has fallen to the bottom of my list :(

    I don't know if I am being blind but I didn't see on that link anything about long sleeves. But, I don't wear long sleeves much in the winter. I do wear black though. Once on Reading Rainbow, Lamar (sp?) was talking about what cowboys wear and he said that wearing long sleeves with fitted cuffs is like a natural air conditioning. I tried that for a few days before I decided that he's being ridiculous.

  5. Oh, Kelly - I used the wrong link! I fixed it now; it was just the Feather Report putting an outfit together that featured long sleeves for a +100 degree day!

  6. That salad looks absolutely delicious! I love artichokes but never buy them because my hubs won't eat them. The fool!

    I haven't seen many long sleeves this summer. Maybe it's a NY thing....


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