Seattle - Days 6&7

Our trip into Seattle was pretty smooth but we were met with unexpected hills - giant enormous hills. Unfortunately we'd decided to walk to our hotel because, on a map, it was pretty close to the train station. 

The next morning we went to Bauhaus Coffee and walked (hills! FML!) to Cafe Flora, where we ordered their cinnamon roll (A+), mushroom scramble (pretty good) and a sandwich (suitable but lacking). 

Then we walked to the Arboretum, which was pretty nice - so many dragonflies.  This is near one of the water features:

  Seattle Arboretum

We also visited their Japanese Garden, which was less delicate and had less attention to planning detail (the garden was next to a road, some of the cement detailing was clunky) but it was situated around a giant lake that housed the largest koi I've seen in person. Large enough to hug (if they were mammals). It was also more interactive in that stepping stones and bridges let you get closer to the water and made you feel less like an intruder. 

We then walked back through the Arboretum and through marshlands, over a floating footbridge, bringing us to a channel where boats enter the water and, walking further, to the university campus. 

We poked around some shops in the university area and it's there that I screwed my shopping moratorium. At Buffalo Exchange no less!  (Not 1, but 2 dresses!). I had wanted to check out Crossroads but we didn't have time.  

We had dinner at Plum, a vegan spot that had been recommended by a few folks. It didn't disappoint - the "mac n' yease" appetizer was the highlight while the seitan steak was the runner-up. I also tried my first Dry (rhubarb) soda (hopefully I can find them on the east coast). After that we went to a new vegan bar that had been recommended but were too stuffed to get any food. The Highline apparently used to be a seedy club and I'm not entirely sure I didn't pee in front of what used to be (and hopefully still isn't) a 2-way mirror in their bathroom. 

Today we headed out to Pike Place Market which was nice for the view, although I think dead fish is groadie and throwing around dead fish is seriously groze, but I watched Real World Seattle so I knew to expect it!

After Pike we headed over to the university area again for the vegan Thai lunch buffet at Araya's since that was recommended several times - but they were closed for a private party so we went to (also recommended) Pizza Pi. We got a half Aloha and half a Bruschetta Extreme, which I really liked although my bf was lukewarm about it.     

Pizza Pi

We also ran into Sidecar/Pigs for Peace, which is a vegan store, similar to Portland's Food Fight (but smaller) where I bought chocolate (which is pretty much what I bought at Food Fight, too, since I'm traveling)!

Then we took the bus over to Fremont, and here I am (in my new dress) with the Fremont troll (the troll sculpture under the bridge): 


We walked around some of Fremont (all of Fremont?), visiting the Lenin statue and getting baked goods and more coffee at the Flying Apron. 

From the waterfront there we walked to Gasworks Park, stopping along the way to put our feet in the water off a little dock where a bunch if houseboats were parked and people were sunbathing/swimming. 

Now we are on the train back to Portland to borrow someone's car to head up the coast for 2 days. (Them back to Portland for the 7th, leaving the 8th.)


  1. Ooh cute outfits! Those blue flats look adorable.
    Gah, Seattle's hills. I was trying to impress someone with my fitness and agreed to go running with them back in 2001 in Seattle, and regretted it after about 2 minutes.

  2. Cute! Looks like you had fun. We could use some hill walking after days of driving! Seattle is my fave west coast city. We leave ptown the 8th too. Will you be super busy the 7th or can we grab lunch or snack? :)

  3. Yeah, Seattle is about 90% sudden changes in elevation. We can walk to the zoo from where we live now, but the last leg is always brutal because it's basically straight up.

    Cafe Flora is great--my bf from Seattle and I went there with my family after our undergrad graduation. She lived right across the Arboretum from it, actually, so we took my mom, aunt, and grandma on a little tour on the way there. (Nana kept asking, "Will they have real food, or just appetizers?" to which we would attempt to reassure her that "vegetarian" didn't mean "exclusively crudites.")


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