Revolution Grrrl Style Now

Thinking about Teeny's post (style icon/inspiration), I wrassled with what my style icon-type person would be. If I could can a look, what would it be?

You would think it'd be clear since my sidebar mentioned Christina Billotte - but I was unsure that's what I was really looking for? I tossed around terms in my head. I do remember feeling like I'd gone to the boring-jersey fabric-mall-side. (Not "Jersey Mall". Different beast.) Was I looking for "rockishly gamine"? "Askew old school"? Preppy-riot-grrrl. Ah-ha!

That was it - I honed in on Billotte because she was always the mod/classier version of the whole riot grrl thing. Classic, if you will.

That thought process caused me to google and stumble upon this (I would wear most of that) and this (yikes- do not want).

But! If that's what I want...that's not what I'm currently getting!

(And just because I can't resist throwing this one in here, too - I remember desperately wanting her ripped-hem dress.)


  1. I've been away from flickr and missed all of your awesome outfit posts! After reading this though ...i can see the riot-grrrl/preppiness inspiration in your pics, complimented of course with your own 'tude. Think it suits you.
    Ta for the link too.

  2. if you're into this...a local minneapolis arts writer/blogger did a whole week dedicated to HER. makes me think of you. cheers!

  3. the verification word just presented to me for the above comment was "hymen." not kidding.

  4. Okay - hymen made me laugh audibly!

    And thank you for that link - I love it!


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