Professional Jesse + 7am + Rain = Fail

I wore this to: be in day-long planning meetings, staff dinner, walk in the rain

More rain
- cardigan/hm
- scarf/gift
- dress/CK via uptown thrift store
- rain boots/m. kors via endless
- belt/fneighbor's free pile

Since we had dept strategic planning meetings for the rest of the week I promised myself I'd dress more professionally. But when you have to leave the house by 7am you kind of DON'T CARE. Dressing (slightly more) professionally is becoming a new goal but every time I think about it I want to kill myself. I already work in midtown. I don't want to look like I work in midtown. Okay, fine. I work in the Garment District -- but I think dressing professionally will make me look like I work in midtown.

Mostly I'm showing you my Michael Kors rain boots that I bought last year, at the end of rainy season. I plan to layer them with fleece liners (a la Hunters) for winter snow boots since I keep running into snow boots springing a leak and I'm tired of auditioning snow boots each season.

I didn't expect the number of compliments I got on them, but it was a pleasant surprise. I fully support my previous and incredibly thoughtful purchases of the Westwood/Melissa Anglomania rain boots and these MK rain boots>snow boots. It's a good feeling, purchasing something that actually works in my closet.


  1. Those boots are great- and wearing dark colors with layering pieces is the way to go -This is a cute outfit!
    I understand the dislike of professional attire. I think I almost cried when I got my first office job out of school and was told it was business professional dress. Yes, a blazer everyday! My office now is biz casual. But you need to break out the skirt suit for client meetings. SO not comfortable.

  2. Those boots are uber-cute and look like a great buy. I keep wondering if functional rain boots will stay in style longer, but the past few days have renewed my suspicions that they are going nowhere.
    I also work in midtown, and dressing as if you work in the midtown sucks.
    Do you have to dress professionally for your work? Can you just keep a blazer in the office like I do?

  3. This photo is just gorgeous! I love the quality of the light.

    Those boots are really fantastic! I second Rad's suggestion that you keep a blazer in the office.

  4. Thank you for the commiserating and the office blazer suggestion! I do actually have one but I find that I feel like it doesn't "match" if I throw a blazer (even a neutral gray on) on top of whatever I'm wearing as a layer?

    Like, a t-shirt dress and rain boots is still a t-shirt dress and rain boots and no more polished than before when I have a blazer juxtaposed on top of it?

    Maybe I'm just mental!


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