Precipitation Station

I wore this to: work, food shop @ coop, pick up laundry, make a green smoothie in the Vitamix to eat with my vegan mac n' cheese

rain 2
- shirt/hm
- skirt/swap
- leggings/bklyn ind
- rain boots/vw+m shoes

I am not in love with this - it reminds me of my grade school nickname, Chestica. As it was, I specifically didn't pick out any uplifting undergarments to wear with this, damn it.

It's harder to pull off these VW/M Anglomania rain boots than I thought. I think the booties were a smarter choice (vs. the VW/M ultras, which I still love and pine for) because water can easily get into flats but the boots are a little more challenging to pair with outfits. Remember I told you I did a search for the boots online to see what people are wearing them with? So far it's tights and underwear. I at least mix it up with tights and jeans.

Luckily using a shoe stretcher on them worked (my true size in their brand is a little tight on me), which made me feel like a successful episode of Mr. Wizard's World (without all the science).


  1. very sultry photo.

    amazing what shoe stretchers do! wish I would have known about them years ago!

  2. "Chestica"! Hey I like those little booties, they are really interesting as well as cute.


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