Portland Day 5

Today we spent the morning walking around a wildlife refuge and meeting our hostess for lunch at Los Gorditos, which caters to vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. We got the quessadillas and empanadas, which were delicious.

After that we stopped by the vegan mall and I ended up buying a Couch belt at Herbivore, after I thought I wouldn't find anything there! (My first generation Couch belt has a broken snap.) I have been missing being around animals a lot - both at work and at home I interact with animals every day and I have the DTs. I was lucky enough to get to pet this happy dude for a while at Herbivore, as he was passing through with his people.

Me & puppy @ Herbivore

Then we went to Food Fight to pick up snacks for our train ride to Seattle. (We'll be heading back to Portland for the 7th/8th.)

We'll be in Seattle the next few days, then something coastal, then Portland again (staying on the SE this time).