Portland Day 3

Fountain again
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Day 3 I was feeling a little lazy so I remained on the west side. I started out @ Courrier, bought a typewriter necklace @ Reading Frenzy and headed out to the Saturday Farmers' Market for breakfast. It's slightly larger than the Union Square Green Market (I think) but they have recycling and composting bins in addition to trash. Breakfast was a half an olive ciabiatta loaf and a pint of fresh strawberries.

I hung out at the Keller Fountain reading my new pigeon book (see picture) for a while and then walked up the waterside path to the Saturday Market since it was there...although one guide described it as "a great place to drop your mom off for the day". If your mom loves woodwork, soap, cariacatures, blown glass and silver wearables then she's got about 60 tables to choose from!

Then I headed back to the hotel to change for the closing reception for my bf's conference, which was this:

Sat early evening

and then we went to dinner with them at some place they picked out again so I don't have any sage words of vegan advice re restaurants still because we still haven't been to any! The only night we had dinner on our own was the night we got takeout from Backspace because it was too late to go anywhere else. Originally we thought we'd try Portabello but they are actually closed tonight so I guess we will try to make an effort when we get back to Portland on the 7th.


  1. Love the fountain photos! have fun in Seattle!
    We're getting the last things together and then hitting the road Tuesday early morning.

    Oh will you go to Astoria to see the goonies house?

  2. Just saw your wrap up post.
    Bummed you didn't make it to the NE.
    Least tourist-y part of town + best vegan + PDX Pop Now (local, FREE! music fest) was happening all weekend.
    Ah well, I'm sure you got that PDX feeling.
    Hope you had fun!
    Enjoy Seattle! :)
    If it bores you, take the ferry to Port Townsend.
    A secret artsy town on the tippy tip of the Puget Sound.


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