iphone outfit pictures; bikes

It's been a while since I bothered posting outfit pictures. My camera battery needs recharging and remembering to do that kind of thing is difficult. So instead you have iphone pictures.

I feel kind of bad laying these crappy pictures on you but I feel like I need photographic proof that:

a) I haven't purchased anything new (aside from my Portland transgressions)
b) I'm attempting to wear crap I don't normally wear

I wore this to: work! pet Orko!

Orko in the kitchen with a pipe
shirt/lark and wolf via tokyo joe

I wore this to: try to learn how to ride my bike (Kate Jackson) in Prospect Park; eat dinner with bf; be limp-wristed

Learning to ride a bike
shirt/aa wholesale
shorts/tailored old navy capris ("crappies")

necklace detail:


Kate Jackson
Kate Jackson, the bike

In case you're wondering, I'm not yet a successful biker. I still have a lot of issues steering, and looking behind me while simultaneously riding the bike. I passed a lot of 8 year-olds on the path that could, though.

I did, however, successfully ride the length of the Prospect Park bike lane without hitting anything or falling over. And now I have bike lights for evening riding which makes me sound like a successful bike-rider. My headlight will burn your retinas out; it's major.

My biking goal: bike around the Prospect Park loop, making it up the hill without having to walk my bike and not hit anyone or endanger anyone with my erratic steering. A tall order.


  1. Good luck with your biking....biker. The top you are wearing in the first photo - i love.

  2. Thank you! My boyfriend hates that shirt!

  3. Than necklace is amazing! Good luck with the bike. My boyfriend is trying to get me to do it, but I haven't ridden in about 15 years. :(

  4. hooray for bicycles! the pedaling/steering/looking behind you gets easier—but it's still not the easiest thing in the world.

    i love both of these outfits!

  5. first both your outfits are trés adorable and 2nd if I can bike around Toronto and not hurt myself or someone else I have total faith you get the hang of biking too. I'm a total spaz so if I can do it then anyone can, lol. My trick is to stick to the side roads as much as I can. Good-luck!

  6. Thanks for the nice outfit comments and also the cycling reassurance! I am hoping I will be doing as well as y'all very soon!


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