A different kind of dressing

File this under Adults Should Already Know How to Do This.

I made my own vinaigrette!

But I did not take my own picture.
photo by
John Mayer

Yes, I should already know how to do this. Usually I partake in others' vinaigrette and ask them what the ingredients are. Then ponder. "I almost never have lemons..." (highly false) or "That's a lot of ingredients..." (true). So I never bother making dressing.

But now that I have an Xtreme Blender and they have an easy recipe I was able gather 5 simple ingredients and blend the f*!k out of them - making a tasty dressing. Then I put it on a salad, as folks are wont to do. SMALL VICTORIES!

Next on the agenda: tying shoes


  1. Yay! I still don't know how. and I'll probably never learn. I am a lazy SOB.


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