Days 8&9 - Portland and OR Coast

We made it back to Portland for the night, enabling us to try the vegan poutine @ Potato Champion and borrow someone's car to drive to the OR coast. 

Started our Day 9 with brunch @ Juniors (Portland; vegan french toast & fennel/potato hash) and ended up at Aunt Mary's Toaster Bistro & Filthy Cabbage Sex Shop in Lincoln City  Yeah, how do you pass that up, right?  It is, indeed, "the coolest place in town" in Lincoln City. They do not lie. I had a virgin cocktail (they all come with a cherry) and they came up with a new appetizer idea when we were there ("foreskins" - 4 potato skins).  Aunt Mary is well worth meeting in person and her kitsch collection is a sight to behold!  (I am not sure I really needed to look in the barrel though.)  


Aunt Marys Toaster Bistro & Filthy Cabbage Sex Shop

They recommended the Historic Anchor Inn, which didn't disappoint. We stayed in the Sick Bay Room.   

Anchor Inn 
(more pictures on flickr if you need a kitsch fix)

This morning we headed out for a scenic coastal drive and after a few short shoreline stops, we have rolled into Newport's Nye Beach. 

Newport cat fix:

Cats in Newport

Homemade Tempeh Sandwich @ Cafe Mundo in Newport:

Cafe Mundo in Newport

It's been cold and I've spent a lot of time in jeans, black canvas oxfords, cardigans and scarves. 


  1. Hey! Cafe Mundo looks very cool. I'm going to have to check out your flickr pics properly.


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