Portland Day 4

Day 4
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On Day 4, today, we went to a few parks I missed the first few days (picture of dog park plus Tanner Springs, Jameson Square) and got coffee @ Barista along the way. We finally went to The Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden. The Rose Garden was really nice - I liked it better than the Japanese Garden, for as much hype as the Japanese Garden got.

Tonight we are staying with my boyfriend's incredibly gracious friend and ate vegan pizza and delicious tarts for dinner with her very lovely friends - and I guess we've already planned to eat @ Portobello when we return.


  1. incase you haven't already, eat at blossoming lotus and portobello. yum!

  2. Love your dress and Portland..lucky girl!
    You live in NYC right? If you have any recommendations for must try vegan eateries or awesome nightlife let me know:) we are visiting later this month!

  3. I'm jealous that you're on a vacation of sorts! I need one bad!
    Not sure when you're coming back, but you live in Williamsburg right? If interested, I have an invite up on my blog (yesterday's post)--I'm having a little clothing swap on August 14th if you want to come and meet some other blogger girls and swap out your duds for something else :) let me know.


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