Calgon! My Closet!

Really, I should come clean. I hate putting clothes away. I hate that my closet has a small doorway and I can't see anything to the left or right of what's on the closet rod in the doorway so those clothes to the sides hang in neglected limbo. I know my goal was to start "remixing" a little more but truth be told, I hate my clothing storage so I hate putting things away in the closet. (The dressers, I can handle.)

No room for a big wardrobe in the apt. I can't have open standing clothing racks because Oneida likes to hang from my clothes by her claws.

Oneida sleepy
Hi, I'm so innocent.

What kind of closet set-up do you have, urban-dwellers?

  • Do I just get 10 of these?
  • And how does that help if they're not in the doorway?
  • Shelves up the sides of the closet with some hanging in the doorway?


  1. This was my story - cat- claws - not enough closet space. What to do? I bought one of those clear plastic drawer sets from target - tacky looking, but it's in the closet so shhh, no one will know. Then I got a standing wardrobe thing from Ikea. You can get ones that are not Huge and they have a door so no kitty acrobatics on your clothes.

  2. there's only one closet in my loft and i have to share it with my man. half of my half is just coats and blazers. i have 3 large plastic storage bins (one clear, for sweaters, the others for seasonal stuff), in addition to two hanging shoe organizers and 2 ikea malm dressers (3 drawer).

  3. I have that problem, too. We share one largish closet that is made smaller because the landlord put very awkward, boxy shelves, so our hanging space is limited. I mostly just stick out of season stuff in storage, put some less circulated but year round stuff in a Malm drawer and those cloth boxes from Ikea, and hope for the best.

  4. I have a huge open closet with no doors at all which is like 10 feet by 10 feet. It is hideously ugly but is more than enough room. If only it had lights.

  5. Thank you, everyone for your comments and ideas! I'm trying to figure out a reconfiguration that will work in my weird apt based on this stuff!


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