Boyfriend-this and Boyfriend-that Clothes

Since the nomenclature seems infinite, I belatedly give you a link my friend K sent me about boyfriend t-shirts:

3/24 via Decibel, "Urban Outfitters' Classic Rock Boyfriend Tee"

{the link is now dead but it was a rant about how women can wear a band t-shirt that's not form-fitted without having it be considered "boyfriend" implying that looser clothing would be atypical for women -- a looser or boxy fit is still very much a women's style}

And a vaguely relative rock picture of me in high school, since I didn't want to steal their image.


I agree with the sentiment even though concert shirts have never fit me well and I lean towards the "itty bitty" shirts they describe. But, overall, it's true that we can wear things that are boxily non-body-conscious and not have it implied that they weren't even produced for our gender. (My 16 year-old self knew nothing but lycra, clearly.)


  1. I have to say I have never liked loose boxy high necked tees. I have a figure that looks better in a v-neck that nips in at the waist. I would identify a top like that as something designed for a boy.

    Not that everything I wear has to be super tight or 'olsen twin sized' but I think boyfriend cut is an accurate description of something with a boxyer cut.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Yeah, I am the same with fit - I almost never wear boxy. But I do think calling them "boyfriend" implies that no women chose to regularly wear stuff like that, and that's not really true either. A boxy fit isn't really feminine but it's not masculine either and the sort of f'd up thing about it is that it implies if we wanted to wear less fitted, feminine stuff, it'd be "male style". ?!

    I spent the entire early '90s in giant band t-shirts and giant jeans and I they weren't calling it "boyfriend" anything back then.

    I think "boyfriend belt" is when I'd finally had it.

    Not that I want to wear any of it for my frame...but can't it just be "boxy fit" or "relaxed fit"?!

  3. i cannot get past any rational thought beyond "high school pic: !!!!!"


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