1 Skirt, 2 Days aka Rewearing Clothes isn't Like Not Showering

I just had a ridiculously productive day. It would take too long to gloat here but let's just say over 75% of my cats are now wearing collars and all of my necklaces are organized on a corkboard, akin to this but not yet as nice.

Friday I wore this to: work! make a shake in the Vitamix (I cannot contain myself about the Vitamix and I don't care if that makes me a hippie)

shirt/h&m via beacons
belt/thrift? beacons?
skirt/beacons, maxi tailored
tote/terre t on wfmu

Saturday I wore this to: eat bagels, go to Queens Hall of Science, play space-themed mini-golf, have a simulated wheelchair race, behold their crazy science playground, eat vegan chinese food, uhhhhhhh be given the dao during a special ceremony so I am able to become a Buddha because it's the White Ages (more on that later)

Queens Hall of Science
shirt/built by wendy jackie earle haley shirt
skirt/beacons, maxi tailored

Thanks to my boyfriend we had a free pass for the Hall of Science; I was a Hall of Science Semi-Virgin. We'd had a work event there but I missed seeing anything that day although I did learn that the former tour manager for the Ramones now manages this place. He told me himself at the work event, and started the conversation by asking me if I liked rock n' roll. Who says, "No, I do not like rock n' roll"?

While the "hall" is geared towards kids, they had enough in the way of mini-golf and mechanics to hold our interest (see activities mentioned above...and you could virtually arm wrestle an attendee at other museums across the world).

Afterward we walked over to a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Flushing that we'd heard was popular with the vegan folk. After dinner the owner offered to show us her Buddhist temple she built next door. No surprise there - we not only read that in online reviews but we ran into people we knew who were finishing dinner and on their way up to see the temple when we arrived.

So when she asked, we said yes, please show us this Buddhist temple you built, restauranteer. It covered one small wall in a big rectangular room with a bunch of folding tables but it was truly ornate and over the top. There were 3 big Buddha figures and a lot of altar-like furniture. When she asked if we'd like to stay for a special ceremony, my boyfriend began to graciously decline but I was damned if I was going to miss out on a decked-out ceremony involving a bunch of kneeling cushions. People were called on a cell phone and our ceremony began shortly thereafter -- but not until after we filled out some paperwork and paid $10 each to sponsor books for others (earning us merit, I later learned). I was still in, I was ready for my ceremony and I kept asking everyone around (since the owner went to change clothes) what we were going to do. "Beautiful ceremony." Alright! Still totally in.

Most of you are probably thinking I'm insane. But I just can't pass stuff like that up. Sorry! There were 3 gigantor Buddhas and a carved wood gold dragon encased in glass as a table.

What transpired next was that we each had our turns at doing our own ceremony which consisted of (but not limited to) bowing 900x, repeating a language I didn't understand for almost 2 minutes, and putting incense in a bowl thrice -- but only with our left hands. Oh, and the paper our names were on being burned. My poor boyfriend had to go first and when I realized that this ceremony was not only based on us, and that we were going to be the center of attention bowing so much and repeating so much, I almost burst out laughing. I mean, what a great sport my boyfriend is, right? I really thought we'd just watch a ceremony. Then it was my turn and I made it through not mangling anything too badly, got my incense in with the right (left) hand and bowed a billion times.

Then! Then there was the lecture with the chalkboard! Telling us what we'd just done (gotten the dao) and the history of the dao, how it was once lineage-based and now we're in the White period, where anyone can be given then dao and if they follow the correct path to Buddha-dom, can become a Buddha. It was interesting enough and we asked a few questions here and there. (Neither of us were converts - just curious.) We were also shown some things (words, hand signals) we were asked not to repeat and out of respect for them, I certainly wouldn't repeat them. +100 merit! (I jest.)

After a while I indicated that we needed to get on our way, and they were very polite about it and we were able to leave right away, but not before we chatted about animals' place in the world of karma (that always riles me!).

So - just so you guys know, I am poised towards Buddha-dom. I guess this makes up for the fact that I missed the Xanadu sing-along this month.

Today I walked around in shorts and a t-shirt and cleaned a lot. Man, what a let down after yesterday.


  1. What a fabulous memory for you to take with you! What a day, what a day!

  2. Whoa. Buddah bound...

    I have a juicer that er, kinda works... is the vitamix a must have?


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