Yes! Unexpected Score!

As you guys know, I've been putting clothes shopping on hold in order to pump up my savings (and have some clarity of closet). I wanted to get my emergency fund up to 6 months of mandatory expenses (rent, utilities, food for me and the cats).

Today I realized that I never counted a CD I had sitting in my "emergency fund portfolio" (which is only cash and one CD) so instead of my goal being met in November, I'm hitting my 6 month savings goal this month. YEAH! HIGH ON LIFE! Chances are, if I have to use my emergency fund I'll likely be getting unemployment payments anyway so it's possible that money will last longer than 6 months but it's nice to know I'll have a little bit of time to search for something in my industry instead of jumping right back into the workforce with anything I can get that will meet my salary requirements.

I'm totally proud of myself!

The One we trust...
photo by Daniel Kulinski

How this fits into the Shopping Hiatus!

Now it's hard not to want to just ditch the clothes shopping hiatus plan but I think it's for the best since I really need to take a look at what the hell is going on in my closet.

I ended up spending $20 out of my clothing allowance to get my shoes repaired anyway so it's possible some of that money goes towards repairing or tailoring what I already have so I can use it. That's okay with me - the plan was both for saving money and for creating a manageable clothing mass.

I have a lot of weird questions around the shopping hiatus like -

- I have a gift card at a shoe store and if what I want is slightly over the amount of the gift card, do I just buy the shoes anyway?

- I'm guessing it's okay to sell clothes at resale and use the credit for later down the road if I find something I'm missing in my closet?

I think I just need to sit on the questions for now. The only person I'm really accountable to is myself so I just need to figure out what is honestly going to get me to my goals.