Too Many Sad Pandas

I wore this to: work; try to see The Kids Are Alright (sold out); eat mushroom/olives/soy cheese pizza at Pizza Plus

dress/built by wendy

I wore this to: work; neighborhoody stuff; was supposed to watch Labyrinth in McCarren Park (rained out); watch Arrested Development

dress/CKlein via thrift store
belt/neighbor's free pile
sandals/Madden, re-heeled

The past few days I've been dealing with some difficult work issues. I'll leave it at that. Most relevant to this blog is that I absolutely wanted to buy something! I don't drink or smoke and I will occasionally act-out with food. But as far as acting out goes, food and material items are all I got. (You know, since I no longer hit things!)

So. Me + couch + Arrested Development + my 2nd Amy's vegan mac n' cheese of the day.

Also what's with every movie I'm going to see being sold out or canceled?


  1. egads! what is going on with the canceled stuffs? Too many tourists maybe?
    : )

    I hope the work issues get better- It's a tough spot to be in. I don't know about your work specifically but being in the middle can be tough. You have some control but you don't have final say about some things -

    I have to say though Mac & Cheese and AD sounds like a pretty good low key end of a long day at work thing to do.

  2. Hey, so I am also a non-drinker, which means that eating is the primary focus/locus of my socializing and "acting out." (I like the term "self-medicating" as well). But also, AD on netflix instant download is pretty good medicine as well.
    Bummer about the work difficulties and movie difficulties. But you did look very cute in that crazy amazing geometric dress.
    Sometimes, as stress relief, I look at shoes online. Or vintage dresses on Etsy. Then I tell myself that it will never fit and I slowly back away. (This is true; online shoes often do not fit).

  3. The print on that dress is rad.

  4. Wait, who says "rad" anymore? Why did I say that? It just came out.

  5. Awww, I just watched Labyrinth the other day..(you do mean the Bowie version don't you?). One of my favourite movies forever. Arrested Development always ASTOUNDS me with how fricken casually funny it is. I am literally ASTOUNDED everytime. But I tend to be maybe not as astounding as I am capslocking it to be. Good luck with the work issues, managing people presents difficult diplomacy issues.

  6. i love that built by wendy dress.

  7. I like that first dress! Do you live in Williamsburg? Next time you're heading to Beacon's Closet to try to luck out on some good finds, let me know...we should shop together. Although you seem like you'll make wiser, more ethical choices, than I would--at least by what I read here. But hey, that means we won't have to fight over any clothing we both spot, right? haha

  8. Okay first, I love that first dress. Amazing print and it looks fantastic on you.

    Second - ugh! It sounds like you've just been having an all-around difficult and disappointing time!

    If it makes you feel any better, my husband and I had a RARE occassion (read: yay babysitter!) to go see a movie and were told that the AC was broken and the theatre was 89 degrees. Needless to say...we did not see the movie.

    Hope your work issues get resolved soon and without too much grief. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time...

  9. i hear ya sister! i tried to go see inception yesterday and it wasn't even playing yet. i don't know why the internet misled me. oh well, i ended up going to see chloe (a canadian movie i couldn't see in canada, but can see in mexico city? oddly enough) which was interesting, to say the least.

    but i've got to say,

    "So. Me + couch + Arrested Development + my 2nd Amy's vegan mac n' cheese of the day."

    that sounds like a better night to me than spending 12$ on a movie that may or may not be terrible and potential obnoxious audiences. i can be a tad bit anti-social at times... but seriously that sounds like a fantastic night.

  10. i like that dress and shoes can I buy that shoes online

  11. tell me any shoe shop from where I could buy these shoes


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