Target $: July (a money post)

Don't say I didn't warn you - this is exclusively a money post.

The first month of target-spending (or "spending towards goals" aka "no more clothes, please") was kind of blah. (This wording all reminds me of Sarah Haskins and Target: Women. And that's a good thing.) I really thought I was going to underspend and throw a million dollars into savings. Instead I just broke evens-stevens. I should celebrate that because usually I am in the red by -$100. Progress! Only 5 more months to go. Yeah!

So, how'd I do the first month?

+ Didn't buy any new clothes
+ Emergency fund is at 6 months
+ Have money in my "opportunity account"*
+ Planned my spending (teapot, storage bowls were on my "to get" list)
+ Used my birthday money for Kate Jackson, the Bike (thanks, mom!)
+ Wore new-to-me stuff I'd been meaning to wear (this white shirt from Suzz/La Fille D'or!)

- Didn't get my closet in order
- Only breaking even on my budget because I over-budget for the cats' needs
- Spent money (is that bad?; I'm worried "the itch was scratched" by housewares/bike)

* Trying to use some psychology on myself, I'm calling my old "down payment" account my "opportunity account" to get myself PUMPED about saving. The idea of wanting/thinking I can buy property goes back and forth but the concept of being poised for a super awesome excellent tubular uh, bang-up nondescript opportunity, well -- the sky's the imaginary limit there. So hopefully different dreams will keep the savings alive each month (a cozy Brooklyn hobbit-hole home, a trip to New Zealand, muscle implants, etc.).

I haven't thrown in getting one lens of my glasses replaced yet, which I'm taking out of savings ($50). #%!#@$!@ Olivia chewed on them. (To be fair, I kept her specifically because of her behavior issues - I didn't think she'd last in a "regular" household, where your run-of-the-mill pet owner probably wouldn't have the patience for her!)

This cat has gone through:
2 laptop chargers; 3 sets of headphones; 5' of speaker wire; 2 iphone chargers; dowel on hanging art; wood base of Eames rocker; arms of my last pair of glasses; robot vacuum charger; lamp cord -- and she's also tried to chew on wrought iron and now glass lenses.

However, so worth it.

Pretty Olivia


  1. Oh Olivia! So cute kittie! But all those wires and plastic and such can't taste good right?

    You did well for the spending, er not spending. I'm finding it tough because I'm trying to shy away from clothes buying because of upcoming trips and we so terribly need new furniture- but they are just always there - darn you window displays! I figure if I stick to housewares I won't overspend and at least the house will be in order which is really good for peace of mind and what not. Right?

  2. Yeay for staying in the budget. We went over budget on a few things this month, but underbudget in other things. Somethings just need to be bought, especially pet related ones!
    Also, have you tried bitter apple? Maybe Olivia is immune, but my cats HATE it, even though they love cords. I have to keep all my ear phones away, but it's kept my cell phone/lap top chargers and other cords kitty terror free!

  3. Hi there! I just finished that other post, and then you posted this! So I'm giving you a speedy reply!

    Re the budget - I just let myself "borrow" from other areas as long as it's a wash so I ran into the same thing. I overbudgeted for the cats but bought some household goods that took that money anyway. So, sounds the same!

    - bitter apple: YES, you would think this is an excellent, normal solution, right? but according to the behaviorist colleagues I've consulted, it doesn't really work unless you give them a negative association with the taste since they will build up an immunity to it over time if it doesn't trigger a severe bad reaction; the advice I got was to put some on a cotton ball and shove it in her mouth so she'd be very adverse to the taste and it would remind her of that -- but I just couldn't do it!

    I found that, since cats don't like citrus, I was able to use citrus dish soap on stuff I knew she'd be chewing (she smells it and is instantly averted) but unfortunately it's a learning curve as to what she'll chew. i.e. I know she's bad with wires so I don't leave them out around her (although she's chomped at least 2 in front of me before I could grab her - others were just me being stupid). Before the glasses lens thing, she'd only ever gone after glasses/frames arms before. Mostly I'll HEAR it if it's something solid and be able to grab her/put dish soap on it. The wires should all be tucked away now or closely monitored.

    The dish soap worked on wooden dowel, handle of wrench and pliers (such a thin layer of rubber - she was trying to chew metal, basically) and I put it on almost every wire in the place that I hadn't hid very well.

    I've got 2 certified behaviorists in my hallway and - you know. It's just an obsessive behavioral (maybe physiological?) thing and she's going to have "bad days", when I'm not watching her or don't know what, after over a year of living here, she's going to decide she'd like to sample next?

    But, YES, in a normal world, bitter apple would be an awesome and totally helpful recommendation! So thank you!

  4. If you make it over here to NZ we are absolutely meeting up, even though you'll find I'm as boring as batsh*t .. this has to take priority over muscle implants ok?!
    I really dig your money strangling posts.


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