Sunday: Why You Will Want to Pay Attention to Bike Lanes

This was from Sunday, the hot-then-raining day I went to go pick up my bike.

Here I am, earlier in the day, ready to head out to a clothing resale shop and drop off some summer discards, hiding behind me in a mermaid bag. As soon as I walked outside it started pouring so I stayed put until it was time for me to bring my old bike in to the shop for trade. Fate doesn't want me to sell clothes for credit. Heard you loud and clear, dude.

- shirt/Old Navy
- shorts/tailored ON capris
- flats/payless
- tote/neighbor's free pile
- necklaces/twig from Cog & Pearl; heart from Etsyian

I finally settled on a new set of necklaces. Usually I just wear a horse profile charm but the jump-ring on it broke and I started wearing these guys again. The heart is actually a '70s style fake enamel/cloissone, which I only like sometimes. But then I figured out I can wear it backwards and just get a simple silver heart charm.


After picking up my bike we rode about 2.5 miles of the Hudson River Greenway (I mapped it!), which I'm just learning is part of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, which is 32 miles in its entirely around Manhattan. Maybe one day I will be a good-enough "biker" to ride the whole thing. (I felt like Daniel from Freaks & Geeks there when the punk girl calls him out on calling himself a "punker". But it is "biker", right? I mean, I'm not supposed to be calling myself a "bike" or "cyclist" or "bicycler", right?)

Now for your NON-BIKERS:

Truthfully before I tried to get on a bike a bike lane was just something that had a cute little bike logo on it and some bikes might possibly be around. Now I loathe people like former-me! I can't steer that well and if someone were just loitering around the bike path and not paying attention to anyone else but them, I'd probably hit them. Not for spite, but really because I'm not that good yet.

So when you see a bike lane sign, beware that novices like me who are out there on their heavy Huffy, unable to navigate well or stop short. It's true I barely top 100 pounds but that bike more than makes up for it - and we're moving. I do not want to feel bad about mowing your a$! down involuntarily.

Until I learn how to bike better, that's the best I can do for my civic duty. I just feel badly that all this time I was all, "Hey, look at that little cute bike logo, I'll just stand here..." there were people as wobbly-steering and jelly-legged as me trying to do their best to stay on the bike and not impale anyone with their front wheel fender. (Okay, there is probably not anyone as wobbly-steering as me. Even so.)

You've been dutifully warned! Tell your friends!


  1. Return of the tiger shirt! Also, did you tailor those shorts?
    I am pretty good with bike lanes because my first friend in NYC was a fixster (this is supposedly what fixed gear types call themselves) and he made me bike all around the boros with him. We actually used to ride this rickety, rehabbed tandem to work on Friday mornings, and breaking suddenly was a big problem (if people crossed the paths or jaywalked). He would scream, "NO BREAKS!" and everyone would scatter like magic. Try if sometime if folks don't respond.

  2. Oh, that is an excellent idea. And not entirely untrue? "NO HAND-EYE COORDINATION!"

    Yeah, I'm surprised I got this much mileage out of the tiger shirt since I'm always on the fence with it. I brought those capris TO the tailor and asked them to make them into shorts because I hated the way the capris looked, and I had 2 pair. Because god forbid I didn't buy in doubles?

  3. I live on a parkway with its own bike lane, and three separate pedestrian lanes. Everyone walks and/or loiters on the bike lane, and it makes me crazy. I ran over a caterpillar yesterday and felt terrible, which should serve as a warning to the stroller crowd, not to mention the group of 4 people walking side by side slowly.

  4. I would bet money on it that I'm more wobbly than you on a bike! I too suck at maneuvering and bike riding in general. I've been on my huge-ass bike for only 2 real "rides" and I've had 3 flat tires in 1 year. go figure.
    and the first time I took it on its inaugural spin I actually ran right into a street post and flew off of it. Yeah I pretty much suck at riding bikes. so I'll keep my eyes our for you in the bike lane, and you do the same for me because I promise you I cannot stop, nor can I steer around you if you're just admiring the cute little bike logo in the bike lane!

  5. I adore your hair! Love the outfit as well :)

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  6. I hope you got all the safety gear! Helmet, lights, check?

    I also started wearing gloves last year and they are a godsend. (thanks boyfriend for always recognizing what is needed and buying it for me!)


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