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Like misfit kids huddled together for safety in grade school, I paired this maligned (brown) dress with this (too big) top since they're both closet misfits and very cyberbullied passed over. I figured the big billowy top would cover all the...brown. (Some of you might recall that this dress was used for the La Fille D'or challenge of wearing my unwearables. Which I never completed.)

I wore this to: work; realize the dress is too short for work; make dinner; dance to Sweet's "Fox on the Run" at home (it's impossible not to)

Without leggings aka "Subway Flasher"

may 24 015

With leggings

may 24 023
dress/dept store
white top/stoop sale
leggings/BI, giftcard
flats, payless

Necklace - a remnant from a FL keychain

10-28-09 seahorse

First I'd like to congratulate myself for trying to wear junk I normally have trouble with. I'm still having a hard time believing I wore these two things out of the apartment combined -- so I can't tell if I actually like it yet or not. I talked to my coworker about it and she said it was maybe too much tan, and that some black leggings would not only save my reputation but also provide some good contrast to that paling white and tan.

Hmm. Okay, hit me with your more-objective but yet subjective opinions, please.


  1. I like it much better with the leggings. Maybe that tan dress is a little too flesh toned to be up against the bare legs? With the leggings, though, I really like it. I would wear that outfit any day.

    And your hair looks gorgeous both ways! Jealous!

  2. hahaha I loved your subway flasher comment!

    Also I agree, much more appropriate with the leggings. Congrats I think you really pulled off wearing your "unwearables"!

  3. heheh subway flasher. Hmm while I like short dresses , maybe because this one is kind of flesh toned without leggings it gives a short of nude impression. Which could be bad for subways and dark alleys.

    **Am also loving your hair. Are you still using th e spin pins or are they hassle-y? I'm curious about them.

  4. I like how you layered a long blouse over this dress. I think this dress would work well with a jacket or cardigan over it (in a favored blue or black hue?) maybe a belt, and the leggings. But then again, I am often in a similar position on the subway. Why oh why do mirrors not accurately show how short things really are, the way photos (and subways) do? Gah!

  5. I much prefer the tunic-over-pants look to the too-short-dress look. I think I would especially like this over skinny blue denim- I think some blue would make the tan pop better. Also, your glasses are sweet geek chic. I would like some similar. What kind are they? Also, feel free to place me in your blog roll (if you follow me, that is!) Thanks!

  6. i think i remember this dress on w_r and your not so tame comments about it! I agree with Rad...just breaking up the tan with a cardy... or if you are feeling sewing brave even black trim on the bottom, or black velvet ribbon under bust line? I think the white top is always going to be too big for you regardless of how it is worn...but it does look cute over the dress. How about 3/4 length leggings?


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