Saturday: Nice Accidents

Typically I love summer; love when it's in the 80's, maybe peaking at early 90's with only a few days a year going above 90 and then that usually peters out. NYC in a heat wave of 90+ can suck it.

Saturday morning I was allergied-out and left the house without checking the MTA service advisories. If you do not live here know that during the week you risk a random re-routing or delay. On weekends the MTA plans out how to make getting anywhere royally shitty. I am a dumbass for not checking the advisories and I missed the Community Gardens and Rats session I was supposed to go to for my community garden. I was so late and overheated and cranky that I went to air-conditioned Crate & Barrel and bought a dozen glass pint storage bowls with lids and immediately returned home. TAKE THAT, MTA!

Later I was lured back into Manhattan by my boyfriend and accidentally walked by this place, where Oneida was fostered for adoption, which I haven't passed since I adopted her in 2003! You can click the pic to read her adoption story. I made my boyfriend take this picture - I have had Oneida for 7 years!


And a vaguely more appropriate outfit picture in Chelsea Markets after we went to the Highline and heard some of the bells (for every minute).

outfit picture in chelsea markets
shirt/2nd St flea market
tank/org cotton from Beachfront Community
shorts/tailored ONavy capris
bag/Canal St years ago

Another great accident is that we passed by HUB and they had a small '70s Huffy in just my size! I put a deposit down on her and I'm going to bring my current bike in for (hopefully) trade today and will be able to bring her home. I've already named her Kate Jackson! Unfortunately she's heavier than my current model but I'm hoping to develop some arm muscles getting her in/out of my apartment.


  1. I love this outfit (I have a weakness for gingham) and I cannot wait to see your new bike! Your old one looked like a bit of a beast.

  2. Yeay for serendipity! Especially for Beasty Feast and your new bike!
    Wasn't last night dip in the 1970s so necessary and nice? I hope it doesn't get above 90 too much this week.


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