It's true I have a bike and I've been on it 3 times in 2 years. I thought I'd remember how to ride a bike from when I was little but maybe I sucked at it then, too? But I'm going to make an effort to learn this summer. I want to at least be able to ride it locally, maybe to the food co-op, but at the very least to and around the park.

What do you guys wear when you ride?

This time I wore a tank top, skirt, bike shorts and black canvas oxfords. I'm guessing I'll need closed-shoes for a while so the oxfords (or flats) will need to stay. But how do you handle skirts when riding? Just flash everyone? I have been poking around Velocouture.

Don't I look so happy and free?
Note my hand on the back break the entire time!
tootie tearer

Also does anyone else have seat issues with lady-parts? I was unaware that fit was so important there. I just assumed it would be a functional, comfortable bike seat. At this point I'm lowering it to within an inch of its life but let me know what your experiences are in finding a good bike seat to accommodate lady-parts.


  1. haha I accomodate the ladyparts with my "love channel"


    I can't vouch for how well it works though - honestly so far this bike (and love channel) have only made little 2 mile trips to the grocery store. I mean, it's comfortable, but I'm not sure those short trips have really put it to the test.

  2. I commute to work daily by bike, and I have a bike seat with "the love channel" style seat as well. To be honest though, you just have to ride for a while to get used to the pressure. Also, as you get more confident, you'll go faster, which will put more of the pressure on your legs and less on your ladyparts, wrists and hands. I wear pretty much anything except pencil skirts, which don't allow enough thigh movement. I do keep a clothespin on one of my brake cables, however- if I'm wearing an especially billowy skirt I will grab a few inches and pin them together around my upper thigh to prevent crotch shots and tire marks from the back wheel.
    Go, Jesse-anne.o! I would think a bike in NYC would be completely fab!

  3. Um, pressure on the lady business is the primary reason I don't ride my bike everywhere. I don't have a good seat but I'll check out the love channel one.
    I've had my eye on this one to: http://www.amazon.com/Planet-Bike-5021-Standard-Anatomic/dp/B0015RASS6/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1278954794&sr=1-2-fkmr0
    Why are the bike seats that are nice to our bodies so freaking ugly?

  4. hmm- I don't ride too much anymore- but I would just wear whatever wasn't restricting. Clothespins are a good thing to have. As for the seat ...that's another story...

  5. I ride a 1979 men's Peugeot, so the straight bar is the bane of my existence for wearing skirts while biking. I do it anyway but just usually throw on a pair of boxers underneath (I'm a class act, I know) then ditch them in my bag when I get where I'm going! Luckily my seat doesn't bother me... it was my boyfriend's seat and it bugged him so he gave it to me...

  6. yay i love posts about bike riding! i want to make one myself.

    i wear pretty much anything i would normally wear while riding. a little above knee-length skirts/dresses are best, i find. pencil skirts are clearly a no-go, as as someone who owns two pairs of pants that rarely get worn, a standard dress works out fine for me.

    as for bike seats, i've never really encountered problems myself, but i know there are tons out there that are "ergonomic" shall we say, for male parts. i'm sure there are female equivalents. good luck and happy/safe biking!


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