Portland Day 1 - wrap up

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Today, day 2, I'll be heading over to the east side. Yesterday afternoon was slightly depressing. I, trying to explore the west side out of curiosity, decided to head SW after I waited on line for donuts (always a line according to local folk). I figured Portland State U and "downtown shopping" would be less addled with penniless zombies. (I feel badly for them but I also don't want to hang tight with 'em). The donut shop had a sign asking us not to encourage the transients to remain there. However, it was hobos all the way. The block fair I passed on the way down had security on either side. I popped into a mall because I was so tired of it, only to wander around a mall only half populated with stores. But they had a Sanrio store, which lifted my spirits. And SW had some cool fountains with animal figures (I missed the big waterfall one because I didn't know about it).

I stopped in at the SW Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill out of curiosity. The BE is not as good as NYC's, which was strange because I thought it'd be less picked over. I saw 3 things I considered and talked myself down to 1 (see picture of me in my own outfit, with the ill-fitting dress on the hanger, victoriously holding a 1-item fitting room tag!). It didn't fit anyway. The Goodwill was mostly curated with older lady stuff.

Later, we grabbed food at some place called Backspace (which turned out some decent sandwiches) while some drum thing was going on. That was kind of a blast from the past since I eventually realized 1 of the 2 drummers was from The Haggard in days past (dyke hardcore band I used to see).


  1. It seems to me like Portland would be one of the worst places to attempt to thrift or find cute secondhand duds. Too many hipsters to live!

  2. Interesting, both the prevalence of homeless folks and the worse vintage selection. But good for your shopping ban, eh? (I always was suspect of the idea that second hand shopping is worse in NYC, because there is more demand, but there is also way more supply. Probably, it's just more crowded).
    Was this an outfit you tried on at BE?

  3. @pineapplemint - I initially thought that but it looks like some places do have an okay collection and it's cheap enough but I have only seen a 40-item collection like that in that one vintage store!

    @Rad - no, the outfit I tried on is on the hanger; this is what I was wearing.


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