Passing Go.

Happy Monday, dudes. I have never been so exhausted after a weekend. I haven't been around long enough this weekend to download any of the pictures from my camera so you're getting weekend-iphone-pictures.

This is me and Sophie, a child's toy I always covet (but there's no real reason I should have) in the Wbrg Mini-Mall. The real one is smaller than this. So far I've purchased 2 Sophies for my friends' kids.


And Mr. Bill's Metrocard @ the Bedford stop

Which you probably have seen 100x if you live there. Since I live in South Slope and generally don't go to Wbrg (now that Pennylicks has closed, RIP) all that often, I'd never seen it.

My coworker's office foster cat ran into my office today after she escaped her own office, so I'm letting her hang out in here for a little while.

Office Visitor


If anyone needs some nice dark Saarinen chairs, there's these. I don't really have more room in my apartment for more chairs. Nor do I need new chairs. But I dig these.


  1. Oh my gosh, Sophie is adorable! I need to have one for my sister-in-law.

    And I miss having an office cat! We had one at my very first job years ago but I've never worked in another place that would allow it.

    That top is great, by the way!

  2. So, I was just watching the movie Priceless (Audrey Tautou) and I realized that you look like her! I've heard a lot about Sophie and her giraffe-ness. And I want a cat, yes I want a cat.

  3. !!!!!
    The office cat looks like Ezra

  4. Cats and Giraffes! Super cute.

    I pass by Giraffes Everday! these guys are painted on the freeway underpass

  5. Cute cat. It reminds me of my pet bunny. Is it called Bunny?
    Also, thanks for showing me what I should pick up for my friend's kid this weekend.
    (I also am impressed with the shirt, but I'll wait for a more detailed shot).

  6. @Melissa - we're lucky I guess since I work for a non-profit that does dog/cat adoptions so some of our "long-stay residents" come and live at the administrative offices away from the shelter for a little while until they get adopted

    @Alyson - I have heard that before and even though I don't really see it, I'm happy to have it as a compliment!

    @Dog -she sure does!

    @LaFille/Suzz - that is awesome!

    @Rad - her name is Marietta. Yeah, Sophie is the. way. to. go!


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