Outfit and Sidetail Post

I wore this to: work; see the Joan Rivers movie, A Piece of Work, for free (thanks to my friend, S.)

That Joan Rivers. She warms my heart and tells jokes about old people sex being so dry they'll set each other on fire at the same time.

may 24 010
top/black bear vintage
skirt/ysl via beacon's, tailored

Originally I planned to wear this top with black shorts or a pencil skirt - it turns out the bottom half of me is not as fitted as I'd wanted but given where the ballooned-shirt hem falls, I'm not sure that's possible! I'll keep truckin' and try some new things with it. I've always wanted a shirt like this with the strips of lace down the front, but had only seen them in light colors before and this is black gingham, and black always wins my heart.

I am having issues with ponytails lately. Once my hair's in a high-to-medium pony for a while there's a big ponytail dent and then I have to keep wearing it up until I wash it again. I'm trying to experiment with a lower ponytail -- almost a sidetail, ferr reals -- which isn't making it all dented but it is also kind of loose and sloppy. (Not how I like my ladies, not how I like my ponies.) I've always had this issue but lately it's starting to irk me that I cannot go from down to up, up to down.

Modified Sidetail


How do you guys deal with this? Is my hair made of Play-Doh?


  1. A low ponytail should work. Also, sometimes a little bit of a loose braid will work and then add some cool wave to your hair.

    If all else fails though, I just either take some water to it or a lot of water to it. You are not alone though!

  2. love the shirt and sun glasses!

  3. I really like your low side pony!

    Do you have a flat iron? If I get a pony bump, I just iron out that one part. but I also hate doing that so I normally just do ponies in the last couple days before I wash and keep it up until I do ;-)

  4. I get the dents too. HAve you tried a softer elastic? or maybe even a bun?

  5. oh dear, i got stuck on loose and sloppy. That shirt is pretty fabulous. I think the side pony suits you.

  6. Cute shirt!
    I get the worst hair dents (when my hair is longer). I did buns exclusively for a while to avoid it, but like Alyson, I usually just got it wet to get rid of the bump.

  7. If I get dents my hair is wavy enough to mask them. Perhaps you could try to go with the wave and sleep with your hair in a braid?

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. @Kelly - yes, I do have a flat iron but the bump seems impervious to it, unfortunately. It is an excellent idea, though, and I wish it worked for me. I had forgotten I'd even tried that in the past so maybe I'll give it another go.

    Thanks for the feedback, dudes. I'll try to wet it the next time! Or keep with low ponies/braids. I'd forgotten about braids!


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