"One of these things is not like the other..." (Thursday - Sunday)

Thanks for your comments on the Shopping Hiatus Update - especially from:

- Alyson/is Neat (who would certainly know what advice to give - cursory window shopping is okay but not any belabored contemplation or lingering looks)

- Rad/Cohabitating Closet (focusing on the downside of mass production)

- Lyddie/Chic on the Cheap (keep on keepin' on and eventually the desire will wane and the time and energy will be spent elsewhere)

The weather and my schedule put a damper on trying to "effectively remix". I stayed with my tried-and-true method of grabbing an American Apparel skirt and a simple top pretty much all weekend. What are your favorite hot-sticky-weather go-to outfits?

I wore this to: 2nd day of training at work; manicures after work with M., dinner-sandwiches in the park watching the bats fly around overhead

shirt/old Old Navy
skirt/Erin @ Both Yellow Animals swap

I wore this to: work; dinner @ boyfriend's apt

t and skirt/aa
necklace/philly street vendor
sunglasses/betsy johnson via stoop sale

I wore this to: go to a jazz thing on Roosevelt Island (I mostly sat by the water and read because the horns were loud and shrill); watch Gotham Girls Rollerderby; rooftop dinner party fundraiser for the Brklyn Public Library

saturday 2
(blurry miniscule picture!)
shirt/old Brooklyn Industries
(it has ruffled sleeves w/teal stitching)
glorified flip flops/payless
(Violet and Cleo are the blurry cats)

I wore this to: eat breakfast (bagel with tofu cream cheese and iced cold press coffee with soy) in the park

t and skirt/aa
belt/free - found in neigbhor's free pile
glorified flip flops/payless

You can see there's a theme, right? I've worn the same skirt thrice! And earlier in the week. (I have 3 of them.) Hello, laziness. I can't wait until I get my sandals back from the cobbler so I can stop wearing flip flops around town. It's hard to want to accessorize if I'm wearing flip flops.

I think I could have at least worn that bib necklace with the t-shirts or something. And maybe done some more belting. Different necklaces?


  1. When it's hot out, just following the rules of decency are good enough for me. Adding accessories would be cute but would also add weight/heat. I hate belts and anything touching my midsection in 90 degree weather. I'd say these are pretty darn good hot weather outfits.

    These past few days, I've been wearing billow dresses, loose tops, loose skirts, occasionally shorts. And drinking lots of water.


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