Low Bun and Documentary Hiatus

I wore this to: work; food shop; do my food co-op shift; watch A Life Without Pain

dress/topshop london a few years ago

I figured I'd try a low-bun with the spin pins, to see if they'd work out better. Not so much. Again, they held a lot of hair in one place but the ends stuck out all over the place and it took me 7 standard bobby pins to get them manageable. I have a hard time getting giant bobby pins to hold my hair in one place so I guess I'll keep using the spin pins, and just curse them out when it's time to "tuck in the ends".

I thought I'd seen A Life Without Pain in the past but I guess I haven't - some of the scenes grossed me out so hardcore I was turning away from the screen. Who wants to see pictures of a baby who doesn't know it's chewing its own fingers?! Earlier in the week we watched A Family Undertaking, which was about preparing your family dead for viewing and burial. It was far less gross. The scenes with the dogs reacting to their owners dead totally made me cry though. I think I'm going to ensure the next thing in my queue is a comedy.


  1. You're looking cool in your black dress/blue shoes. In fact, you're inspiring to try to wear black during the summer, but I've been a weenie about it so far.
    Also, yes to the comedies.

  2. Love the details on the dress and the bun makes you look so classic/serene! Even if it was a pain in the ass to look so serene...

  3. (p.s. I liked your comment today about paying less than your arm and leg in rent, even if "nicer" apartments can be found. I'm of the opinion that a nice apartment is one that doesn't cripple you financially, and that you can feel comfortable in. Also, it is nice having lower fixed costs so your emergency fund can be more manageable. Anti-poverty group define housing insecurity as paying more than 30% of your income on housing. I am gonna assume that is pre-tax, but many other folks have no problem with going above this.)

  4. very classic and simple, but so beautiful! seriously lovely, the outfit and the photo. the bun is super cute.

  5. I love your dress. You're lucky to be able to rock a drop waist.


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