Leaving tomorrow! Portland? Seattle? Bueller?

In true me-fashion, I neglected to mention that I'm going on vacation uh, tomorrow, to Portland and Seattle.

Do any of you guys live in Portland or Seattle?

Have visited? Have recommendations?

If you live there and want to grab coffee/lunch, shoot me a comment/email! I have the first few days solo!

I am missing the pinebox derby in my 'hood when I'm away! Here are some kids making their cars!



  1. hehe Bueller?

    Pacific northwest party time! Lunch perhaps?

    Also in the photo I'm trying to read the billboards - does that say what I think it does?

  2. If you think it says


    ...then yes. It says exactly what you think it does.

  3. hehe. Yes I am mature. It's just funny that it's out there - though I think I like it better than the 'GOT MILK?' ads.

  4. Got 'roids ads are almost as awesome as the vasectomy reversal ads that were all the rage a few years ago.
    Also, have a great time! I hope the weather is nice. One of my BFF's lives in Portland (during the school year) and of course she is in a yurt in Northumbria and without internet access right now. Hope to see fun pitchers.


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