Ketchup Post

I guess I neglected to post since last Thursday? I'm just going to dump everything in one big post. Okay, here we go.

This is what I wore to: work; carry my new Vitamix home; dinner @ boyfriend's


This is what I wore to:
work; dress up because I had to do a short radio interview at work {I've worn the dress looking way cooler, here. But this was a good interview outfit.}

Friday work

Friday work

Then I changed into this to: meet people in the park for the Philharmonic/dinner picnic; short stop at bar birthday party; smalltalk

Friday night

This is what I wore to:
be taken out for birthday brunch at Organic Grill by my mother and her boyfriend; get cones @ Lula's; walk through Japan Town street fair; go to the Goose Vigil in Prospect Park; go to my friend's house for Girls Night Movies (Hot Tub Time Machine) {I've made my mother incognito but we look so similar you can mentally put this picture together.}

Saturday:  mom and me

I wore this to: arrive too late to a picnic that was already over due to extreme heat; poked around in Williamsburg (took pictures with Sophie); ate at Urban Rustic; helped my boyfriend take pictures of his huge paintings outside so he can post them; tried to make it to Chelsea in time for something but was too late so we walked around and ate dinner at Hummus Place {The top is a tunic tucked in, which you can see here.}


I didn't include any outfit source information because it would have taken for-eeever. But if you are really interested, you can click on the picture and end up on flickr, where it will tell you which thing I got where.


  1. I went to the AA outlet store the other day and they had the jersey pocket skirts and I totally thought of you. Then I thought, "If Jesse wears hers so regularly, they must be pretty great." So I tried one on... then I bought one in nearly every color they had (at 75% off). I've since been digging through your outfit posts, getting inspired by all the different ways you've styled yours!

  2. 75% off is a nice deal! I am often amazed by how frequently I'm willing to wear these (and the tulip fleece) skirts. Even with the pockets, they're pretty versatile.

  3. sounds like you have summer dressing figured out! i am seriously clueless this summer. i like your simple outfits.

  4. That white shirt is so versatile. I like that you've styled it two completely different ways here. You're looking quite fabulous btw!


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