Just in time for my belt-tightening!

My coworker just sent me this (I have a huge fear of The Bedbugs and three of my colleagues have had them...some repeatedly):

SoHo Hollister shuts temporarily to exorcise The Bedbugs.

Granted, I already did a post about How to Shop Thrift and Resale and Not Get Bedbugs, but maybe I should have added new retail to that list! (I can't tell you how many searches for "Beacon's Closet bedbugs" brings people to this blog. But yet that's never stopped me from shopping there before.)


  1. Holy cramp! Retail is dirty thought- you never know how many people have tried stuff on and then you have to think ppl may bring stuff home shove it in a bed bugged closet and return in a few days, for the next person to buy and bring home.

  2. Ew, so gross! Although that stuffed BB is surprising more darling than not. I heard there are already cracks in the Hollister/A&F empire. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the broseph camel's back.
    I think I feel itchy now.


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