I got older since I last posted.

I have no new what-I-wore junk today (if you're dying to know I wore this Wednesday, this Thursday and a version of this with a skirt today).

Yesterday was my birthday and these are some of my seriously awesome birthday surprises (front row is erasers, back row is weeble-wobble stamps):

Birthday presents!

And I also got this (The Birds, Barbie-style):

Who knew there were also Rizzo and Frenchy Grease Barbies?!

And then today at work I got vegan cupcakes, flowers and a birthday song!

And then my coworkers tried to offer me a black kitten rescued from the KY floods and said, "What's one more cat?" But at this rate, actually, one more cat is one cat too many, so I had to decline. This is my cat's reaction to new cats now, after some accidental additions to the clan and fostering of cats/kittens over the years:


But dang, if I don't love black cats.

Now I am 36! Yeah! I am mostly a Cancer, although I was born on the cusp of Cancer/Leo (aka "Canceo: The Cusp of Oscillation"). Please don't ask me what that means.


  1. Happy Birthday! Super cute erasers : ) and whoa Hitchcock Barbies....

    LOVE the "No." photo. So adamant kitties

  2. Happy Birthday! Your blog is killing me, today. I also LOVE the cat-face "No." He is having no more. That will be all.

  3. Wooo happy birthday to you too! Your birthday is in the middle of summer, and mine is the middle of winter.

  4. Happy happy birthday! May your 36th (or is it technically your 37th?) year be as delightful as your blog is.

  5. Happy birthday! Got to love the Hitch barbie, as well as the "no" face. I've seen that one a few times, too. :)

  6. the birds barbie is AMAZING! and yay, i didn't know you had a blog!


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