G20: The Most Dangerous Poseurs

I am just logging in to quickly throw 2 links out there because I think they're pretty fascinating and somewhat shocking. (Maybe I'm still naive?)

First, a l'allure garconniere's post on why what people are wearing is so important at the G20

And the article she links about the most dangerous poseurs - here, which is what I was more shocked by.

And this, my pals, is what I love about style blogs. Their scope is limitless.

Thanks to Interrobangs Anonymous for providing the link.


  1. You're more than welcome! I worry sometimes that people read that sort of thing, roll their eyes and skip it since it's a blog about clothes, not politics, so it's nice to see that at least someone reads it and cares.

  2. Yeay for politics and fashion blogs! I saw the video about the agent provocatuer back a few years ago and was so annoyed (but also not surprised, given my past life in political organizing/direct action):
    So crazy! Now that I've read the Millennium series I am uber paranoid about government infiltrators who seek to discredit radical (but otherwise peace loving) groups. Gah!!

  3. P.S. when I was actually radical, I took dress very seriously, as part of a broader political strategy. A lot of the youngsters I hung with were gutter punks/anarchist types who rarely bathed, wore only clothes from exchange boxes, had multiple piercings, etc., and the older folks (grad students, lawyers, union folks) always encouraged "dressing up" [aka like a tool/business student] as an important tactic as a way to appear sympathetic. This led to some clashes (a lot of the undergrads would get prickly about adjusting their styles for a protest/direct action), but mostly it wasn't a problem, since our politics were for a clear purpose with a clear target (usually university administration), and we were seeking to change community opinions, rather than just engaging in self-expression. But it can be a hard line to navigate.

  4. jesse: thanks so much for linking my article! i haven't seen your blog before but i really like it. i'm following you now!

    and i love red_in_brooklyn's comment! i've definitely experienced similar things, especially as my "activist" days started when i was 17 and looked the part (graffitied/personalized t-shirts, pants held together with safety pins, patches, political buttons, long skraggly hair) and now that i'm in my mid-twenties i find these negotiations particularly interesting... as if your appearance can supposedly say more about your politics than your own mouth, you know? definitely a hard line to navigate.

  5. thanks so much for sharing this what i saw happen in my city last weekend angered, sadden and disgusted me. a l'allure garconniere's post about the G20 was definitely a interesting & eye opening read. cheers!


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