Everyone Loves a Weekend. And an Independence Day (if the internet is any indicator).

Hello again. I'm back from my weekend activities and ready to post again. Yay?

First of all, I will come clean. I didn't have a bathing suit that fits since I haven't shopped for one in years so I had to buy one. Which means my 6 month pledge started out on the wrong foot -- $20 in the hole! But I couldn't really just "shop my closet" for a bathing suit and so it went.

Exhibit A: The Dressing Room
"Look at all those black bathing suits!"

photo 2.jpg
shirt/h&m a few years ago
jeans/cheap monday

And also, what I wore on Friday to: go to work; begrudgingly go bathing suit shopping

I did stay away from anything else in stores. I had no major urge to shop anyway and was surprised to find that bathing suit shopping is a pain in the ass. Staying away from anything else was easier said than done; as I was briskly exiting H&M, I saw a pair of low-enough black espadrilles under one of the racks. It was like a magnetic force. Abort! Abort! I kindly escorted myself out of there, passing by sundresses on the way, resentfully postulating about their poor fit.

I would like to think I'm the kind of girl who isn't bothered by walking into a store with the intention of finding what I need or leaving. Frankly, I feel like a p*ssy that I am totally that girl.


I basically wore the same thing both Saturday and Sunday (a black tank top and gray skirt) since I was lazy. I mean, American!

I wore this (essentially) to:

{Saturday} go to Long Island and watch hang gliders have a mating dance on the beach

{Sunday} go to Governor's Island and practice bike-riding; go to Hoboken to watch the fireworks on Frank Sinatra Drive

...and to pose with some cute plywood art ("Cheeeeeeese.")

Here's the glider mating dance
(it's linked to the story)


Since I look like a hobo in the first two, here's a picture with a slightly more legitimate outfit from last week that I never got a chance to post.

I wore this to: go to work; go to some Times Square game arcade with my coworkers; play a bunch of skeeball; accidentally win a horrible ugly fake gold watch from one of those old-lady-favorite claw machines that I played as a joke; give my winnings tickets to coworkers

top/h&m via stoop sale
bear mouse pin/mocca comics fair
leggings/brooklyn industries

This guy was awesome. Seriously clutching his tickets while gunning away. The place was overrun with financial types after 6pm.

"Must...not...lose...prize tickets...must...win...
Dave & Busters logo shot glass!
Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill!"



  1. I love arcades. Seriously, love em.

  2. Swim suit shopping is a total pain in the ass. I'm bitter that now that I have one, I never have a reason to put it on.


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