Bib Necklace and Bat Care

I wore this to: work; attend an info session on bats (as vector species, update on white nose syndrome and how it's killing them, types and how to triage a found bat until you can get it to a licensed rehabber -- bats are important to have around! they eat bugs!)

aa wholesale tshirt
bib necklace/canal st
aa skirt

My bangs were getting pretty long so I chopped them off tonight. Yeah, DIY! (My hairdresser will likely need to fix them up and will not say, "Yeah, DIY!" Oh well.)

Oh, and in case you ever need to triage an injured bat or a found baby bat:

Bats cannot take off from the ground so at the very least, try to place it somewhere up high (safe and steady) if you're not going to take it to a wildlife rehabber.

- never touch a bat with your bare hands (they don't usually have rabies but still)

- handle them gently - they're fragile

- don't put them in a hard container because they can hurt themselves if they thrash around in a panic (cardboard lined in a non-loopy cotton is good,i.e. they might get caught up in a terrycloth towel or loose knit and injure themselves)

- put them in a box where they can hang from the top (you can put a dowel or stick across, through the box) and reach the bottom, where you'll put a very shallow dish of water

- don't feed the bat - just get it to a rehabber as soon as humanly possible!

Otherwise here's what to do if you find a bat indoors or outdoors.


  1. I love this outfit, it's so simple but chic and put together. The necklace is perfect.

  2. I love this outfit and you're rockin that necklace. I like bats. haha bat is my favorite Spanish word ( MurciƩlago ) I know, it's weird - but it's a pretty word to say.

  3. OK, that is some very useful random (for me) advice that I feel the need to bookmark. And I echo Melissa's comments above: a simple yet chic outfit - and I love a bib necklace.

    Also, you are very brave to cut your own bangs. I won't touch my own hair with scissors, but I give my dog a bang trim every once in a while. And his hairdresser always notices. I am consistently advised to "step away from the scissors" and to bring him to her for said trims. But that just seems silly.

  4. I'd say you did a good job with your bangs there.
    Also, white nose sounds terrible. And who knew they couldn't fly off the ground. Poor bats. We had loads in Minneapolis, but I haven't seen any here.

  5. I might have to pull a DIY bang job too, but, if history serves, I doubt mine will look as good as yours. I love the bib necklace!

    I hope I never have occasion to use this knowledge. I like bats well enough, but I'd prefer not to touch them -- even with gloves on.

  6. wow-that bib necklace is from Canal Street? As in you haggled for it from a vendor in Chinatown? It's pretty awesome. I like your bangs--are these your DIY bangs, if so they came out pretty good. I always do the same thing and end up having to have my stylist fix them in which he tells me "well I've seen worse, you didn't do that bad, but yeah next time just stop in here and I'll trim it" (oh but wait, now I have a new stylist, she's a good I could probably just have her trim my bangs if necessary on a whim, without making an actual appointment at her salon...good deal for me)

  7. Really interesting notes about bats! And adorable outfit.
    Thankyou for your comment about my coat.

  8. Oh my, there is clearly a lot more to consider when finding a baby bat than I had assumed. Love your use of separates as always.

  9. Great necklace.

    All the bat info reminded me of a bat incident several years back. Someone else's apartment, me sleeping on the sofa, hearing strange noises, realising there was a bat in the room flapping about, me hiding under a sheet, terrified. The bat eventually found its way out. I wasn't proud of myself.


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