90 or 100-something degrees

I'm not even sure what the high temperature ended up being today. I can confirm it was one hot b!tch! I don't mind it so much. I just feel bad for everyone else who hates it (including my zonked out feral cat buds who never get a break from it 'til the weather breaks - hang in there, little buddies!).

I wore this to: work; make a fruit shake

studded shirt/h&m
glorified flip flop sandals/payless

Since I'm now back reading blogs again after the weekend I realize how much everyone else talks about She & Him. They were playing both a free and paid show on Governor's Island and I avoided that area. When we were near there I heard the singing and instantly though of Elf. I don't know why but I have an aversion to lady-vocals, although I think she has a nice voice.

Image and bands isn't lost on me (hello, there were a few good reasons I liked Guns n' Roses, The Third Sex and The Cult and they were not all the music), but I still think they'd be way less popular if she didn't dress cute and wasn't as pretty as she is.

And...looking at those pictures I guess the accusations of my past band crushes are true. I am attracted to "men who that look like women" and "women who look like men". (I'm convinced it's partly genetic as my mother had a thing for hairfarmers, too.)


  1. my mother has a thing for cop mustaches. it was kind of creepy when i finally came to that realization.

  2. hehehe 'hairfarmers'.

    I like your studded top! I also like She & Him, but yeah I know they would not be as popular if she wasn't super cute. It's funny because I really like M Ward( his solo stuff) I mean I listened to him waaay before She & Him was conceived. ( The hubs' old band used t play shows with M ward's old band Rodriguez back in los 90's. ) But gah. I have to admit I'm smitten by ZD

    I'm hoping it gets a bit cooler for the kitties- poor guys! : (

  3. So kudos to you for wearing black on the hottest day in NYC this hot summer.
    I don't really care for She and Him because I find ZDesch's "indie" affectations to be far from indie, and I don't really like cute, except in animals and children. I get you on the digging andro types. (Gram Parsons...) I also like the "ugly" ones too, including kind of ugly voices. Which is probably why I like 70s country so much. And Keith Richards and Leonard Cohen.

  4. Bahahaha, you're funny. I agree with you re She & Him. More's the pity for her though, having to prove her musak worth ...at least she is not BAD otherwise it would look like She is just surfing the Zooey phenom that is She. I have always had a thing for chunky. And hot sneakers. Put a guy in hot sneakers, and bingo, attractive. I'm seriously f-d in the head aren't i. Fat and sneakers do it for me.

  5. oh man i know, it's so hot here too! i am just sweltering.


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