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If we read each others' blogs and I don't have your blog linked to the right (on the blogroll "I Read..." list) and you are the type to want such a thing, please let me know.

I always forget to update that list but I have the best intentions to do so - so I figured this would be the official "hey there" post for any mutual-blog-readers to say they wanted to be listed.

And now...

Bok Choy Boy: From the Forbidden City

Do you need a new toy?  Bok Choy Boy!

I didn't get one of these because I'm trying to stop buying cheap plastic @#$!
manufactured overseas -- but my new rule is I can take a cameraphone picture of
cheap plastic #@$! manufactured overseas


  1. As someone with too much CSA bok choy in my fridge, I fully appreciate the photo (although not the production) of Bok Choy Boy. He can be my kitchen doppleganger this summer.
    I of course would be honored to be on your blog roll.

  2. he unleashes the power of bok choy... or the power to come use all the csa bok choy sitting in fridges across the country.

  3. I don't comment much (maybe Katie does? She's the most prolific commenter of the bunch of us), but I read regularly. It's nice to see other people who are veg*an but don't, as you say, live in pleather mary janes and message t-shirts.

    Also, bok choy boy looks weirdly menacing!



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