Wrigley Doublement Twins

I wore this to: work; food shop @ co-op; boyfriend's for dinner

shirt/Erin @ Both Yellow Animals
belt/from a vintage dress
skirt/tailored maxi from beacon's closet

Erin sent me this shirt not knowing that I have a black version! I thought that was pretty funny and it just shows you how good Erin is at picking up on clothing that might fit someone's "uniform".

Here's the black version the very next day.

I wore this to: work; meet (Vegan) What I Wore and Cohabitating Closet for Lula's and some vintage/resale shop browsing on the LES


It was kind of funny to shop with people whose styles you could vaguely place (and vice versa), without having ever met them in person already.

Oh, and I decided to put that dress in the "sell" pile. It's just not for me, even with altering. As some of you pointed out, there's got to be a good promise at the end of that tailoring rainbow to make it feel worthwhile.


  1. It was uber fun. Ice cream and thrift shopping definitely make a muggy hot day better.

  2. I love the separates. I see so many dresses on blogs, and I love seeing different pieces. These are both great looks.

  3. I love both these outfits, so perfect for summer! Love the color of the first top and the second skirt is especially adorable.


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