Why I'll Never Be a Farmer's Wife

I wore this to: get a 4 month-old rescue cat in a carrier and to the spay/neuter clinic; get my cat in a carrier to be groomed; go to work; pick up my cat; food shop; do my food co-op shift; finish watching The Farmer's Wife

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Watching a film about farmers in the '90s gives me extremely mixed feelings.

[Spoilerz alertz!]

The (+), FOOD!

On one hand, farms are why we're alive.
They give us fruits, vegetables, grains. When the snide sister insists farming isn't worth it and her husband "has a real job" I want to scream into the screen, "Where do you think your food comes from, dumbass?"


...but at the same time, watching them load hogs onto the truck for the slaughterhouse, kneeing them in the face and neck (and this is a free-range, humane farm) or watching their stupid family dog attack and kill their kittens over and over again when their family is standing right there...I am kind of over it. I mean, why spay and neuter your cats when your family dog can just tear them apart alive? Another scene was a kid essentially (accidentally) setting up the kitten to be chased/killed by the dog - I think that kid needs psychological help, as if the "My parents went to a marriage counselor and brought me back their LOVE" t-shirt wasn't an indicator. When this kid comes back a serial killer, don't say I didn't warn you!

Looks like they eventually killed the dog:

thejunkboy asks: how's Rascal
juanita: dead
juanita: he was chewing on the sheep
juanita: not just the cats
juanita: so we had to get rid of him
(from a transcribed chat with the wife)


But ignoring all of that, it was an interesting documentary - both for the relationship issues and the state-of-the-small-farmer issues. How much more hopeful would they be if they knew a nation obsessed with CSAs was right around the corner? And it was a bit of a culture shock to see Juanita sit there, miserable, while Darrel admits he called her "an ugly bitch" when he was angry. I mean, do women really stay with guys like that? (I know they do. But it still floors me.) He does this bullying farmer-grunt that made me wish this was secretly a Lorena Bobbit documentary!

But obviously I didn't ignore all of that!

And we know what our lessons are here:

1. Never marry a bullying grunter.

2. If you go to marriage counseling, don't make your kids wear matching t-shirts about it

3. I cannot understand Nebraskan accents very well.

4. Don't let dogs kill cats. Also, spay/neuter. (Okay, fine, I just threw spay/neuter in there and closed the post like Bob Barker for the hell of it because spay/neuter advocacy is my mission in life.)


  1. That sounds like an intense and unpleasant documentary.
    I could never stand to watch kittens being killed while people stand idly by.

    I can't even watch the Planet Earth series because of the all poor animals getting hunted by their prey. I know its nature, but still.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Oh dear, I can't watch animal cruelty myself....I would of had to walk out of the room during that. My brother's cat came home last night with multiple lacerations to all of his legs and the back right one has a torn tendon...any thoughts what coulda caused it? (I'm asking you, as you're the closest person to a feline expert I "know")The vet had no idea.

  3. Teeny - maybe the cat got walked through some gnarly thorny area?!

    Jesse.a.o - That movie sounds like something I couldn't stomach, either.
    So hypocritical because I eat meat (not much, but some).
    Dang I wish people would just treat animals with common decency.
    Even if they are on their way to slaughter.
    Sounds like in this case the behavior was all trickle down from a shitty husband/father/head of household & farm.

  4. @ Teeny - it's really hard to know when they're outside, since it could be anything. Usually the vets can only make a call if it's markings or trauma indicative of something common (i.e. 2 points of trauma from being clipped by a car, and then landing after being thrown, etc.)

    Sounds like it could have been going through some barbed wire, like maybe at the top of fencing or trying to pass through a crawlspace that might have had it at the perimeter. That could easily get embedded enough that frantic pulling would tear a tendon. Very hard to say though. Hopefully he's okay now.

  5. Also, and I hate to even say it, but sometimes it's intentional injury but usually that's BB guns, arrows, bullets, blunt trauma (baseball bats, rocks, etc.) vs many small lacerations. But sometimes people will pick up a cat and throw them IN something damaging (paint, tar, holes, in containers, etc.). Just something (albeit crappy) to keep in mind with outside cats, unfortunately.

  6. I also thought it might be barbed wire....I hope it wasn't intentional, but I guess they won't know unless it happens again (hope not) My brother's mother in law is offering to pay the vet (the bill to mend him is $2000!); his wife is pretty distraught about it, understandably.
    Thanks for responding! I'll pass on what you said.


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