Welcome Black, Tuesday

Alrighty, I'm a little behind on posts. So I am just going to cover the 5-Blogger Swap Ring update in one, the SCORE! Swap in another and general "Hey, I wear a lot of black dresses in the summer" outfit posts in the third.

Let's go with that one for now. "Hey, I wear a lot of black dresses in the summer" may have been obvious with the post where I highlighted how I pack for travel. And this black sweaterdress post. And the post where I wore similar black dresses 2 days in a row and asked myself who is, indeed, a lazy ass now? I'm unsure how there is enough black attire left in the world for the rest of youse/y'all.

I wore this to: go to work; go to Vegan Drinks; eat vegan mac n' cheese @ S'mac

vintage dress (Non Stop Petites brand!)/Bklyn Flea

cobalt flats/Payless

Hey look, Blogger hasn't fixed the mandatory but erratic double-line break issue yet!


I wore this to: watch my boyfriend mat and frame a bunch of prints for my apartment; have an indecisive and tiring day which ended with making potato salad for the next day's BBQ and watching Brideshead Revisited (the episode where you see Sebastian's lover Kurt and recoil at their relationship roles, which you know will lead to Sebastian's death and it just kills you inside)

Volcom dress/Beacon's Closet

white belt/thrift

peeptoe wedges/Endless.com vegetarian shoe section

I was actually unaware that I wore this much black (and thus is the benefit of outfit pictures). I'm guessing it's either complete laziness or a weird formerly-metalhead throwback that never noodled its way out of my subconsious. There's also that it's kind of hard to ruin with the errant marinara sauce or olive oil splash or unfortunately smudgey public transport seating.

I'm torn between trying to make myself wear more colors...or just pretending black is my signature color because I don't know if I dislike it enough to want to change it, really!


  1. Like the volcom.
    I used to have some nicer (less beachy) dresses from the skate/surf brands when I lived on the West Coast.
    When they go to the trouble to make a refined design, the comfort factor just can't be beat!

  2. I think you have pretty striking features which means you can get away with black. Black doesn't seem to wash you out like it does me. If anything it brings more attention to your face? (and you're pretty so thats good) I think if you like it, then keep on with it.


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