I wore this to: go to work; make a bunch of calls; finesse; shop @ food co-op; eat homemade pizza 2nd night in a row (if buying pre-made dough and sauce counts)

belt/Everything Goes, SI
shoes/vegetarian section on

This outfit reminds me of sherbert colors. Except I hope you've never had grey sherbert.

I don't have anything else to report other than spending $5 on a pint of local strawberries, and it being worth every cent.


  1. I like this color combo! and as for grey sherbert...I remember from when I was a kid my sister and I would mix up ther rainbow sherbert in our bowls - when you mix all the colors together it become a greyish slop... tasty. I don't know why we found that so funny, but we did.

  2. I like the watercolor hues today, especially the belt!

  3. Oh, I like the La fille d'or method for making grey sherbert. Put that on the summer to do list.

  4. I have an 8oz. thing of local raspberries sitting in my fridge. Thanks for reminding me to eat them.
    Also, I like you these cute colors (and I like you in black and navy as well).

  5. I love the soft colors in this outfit.

    And local in season produce is always worth the extra money. It's so good!

  6. I like the sherbet-y color palette. I've never had grey sherbet, but the local ice cream boutique in my city has a seasonal earl grey ice cream flavor that is grey-ish and delicious.

    Do you use vegan cheese products on your pizzas or just go with a cheeseless pizza?

  7. mmmm fresh strawberries.... Great look too. I love a classic tulip skirt and T combo.

  8. Thanks, dudes!

    @ La Fille - Mmmm grey sherbert! I never would have guessed it was even possible.

    @ La Historiadora - that earl grey ice cream sound delicious. I love stuff like that. Re vegan pizza -- I use Daiya "Italian-style" cheese on my pizza and we have a few local pizza parlors that use Daiya for the soy pies as well but their main business is dairy pies. If I'm ordering from a place that doesn't have soy cheese I'm happy to do just a red-sauce pie with some mushrooms/spinach/garlic/capers type of combo.


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