SCORE! Swap @ Bklyn Yard

I wore this to: volunteer at the SCORE! Swap; get snacks at Root Hill; clean my gd apartment (yes, that's a LeSport Sac black/floral fanny pack I brought with me to the swap since I wasn't sure how solid bag check would be - I wore it as a purse and gladly handed it over to a solid bag check @ the swap but I just wanted to admit that I own it!)

dress/Sweet Skins (eco, fair wage, comfortable!)
tank/Target (+3yo)
shoes/Payless (+3yo)

I volunteered for a mere few hours at the SCORE! Swap. It was a nice day and when we approached the yard, the lines were long for swapees. We walked over to the volunteer check in and brought our swap contributions to the drop-off table (I brought a dress, 2 skirts, 3 belts and 2 pairs of sunglasses) and were handed a box of purses/bags to bring to the bag section. As I dropped them off, a woman gingerly picked up almost every single one and put them in her granny cart! Hey now, lady!

Since the Bklyn Yard is an outdoors area we got to enjoy the weather (and the DJ, who was pretty good). The clothes were hung on clothesline/string strung from trees so you could see items(crafty!) in addition to some boxes. At that point we headed to the Quality Control clothing area. Our job was to sort stuff into "Yes, I'd bring this to Buffalo Exchange or Beacon's to sell" pile of covetable swapping goods and the "No, I'd throw that pit-stained or ring-around-the-collar item in the textiles recylcing box instead" piles.

It was funny seeing the pattern of items people would drop off. One box would be filled with brand-new kids' clothes or cute size medium knitwear or a batch of screen-printed t-shirts...and then you'd get a box of Hanes underwear and 8 white but brown-pit-stained t-shirts. So, we dumped the boxes on the table one by one, grabbed anything cute in good condition and passed it on to the next table, where they were sorting by category so runners could bring out items to each section (men/women/kids, shirt/pants/skirts, etc.). All our "nopes" went into a box for textile recycling.

During the sorting, we were allowed to pull out some things for ourselves (or our co-sorters) when we saw them. I ended up with some items (below). We sorted a lot of boxes - it was like a blur of clothes!

One thing that I definitely want to point out and stress about the event is that we were thanked thrice for volunteering. Even when the event planners were stressed, they still came over and said, "I know it's busy but I want to make sure I'm thanking you guys for pitching in." I have volunteered for large non-profits where they don't remember to do that and I've managed small non-profits where I have myself forgotten! So, kudos to their gracious people-management skills!

This is the stuff I pulled out for myself:

red cotton cowlneck sweater (will switch out gold button);
Save the Whales tote;
mustard acrylic fingerless gloves;
black H&M dress/also below;
blue sweatervest;
blue grossgrain-ish belt
green scarf (out of shot)

And I can personally vouch that we kept several pairs of unders and about 15 brown pit-stained t-shirts out of the swap stream! Woohoo!


  1. YEay! for saving people from pre-worn undies and pit stains eww!. Also it is fantastic that you were thanked for your efforts. It's such a simple thing but often times even the best of us forget. oh! and I'm jealous of your save the Whales tote!

  2. like your blog, nice topic... keep posting...

  3. i wanted to head over to the swap but did not get a chance. just my luck! :)


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