Ruffles, Tulip Skirt and a Favorite Blog of Blogs Past

I wore this to: work from noon until midnight

shirt/??, it was new but is now 3-4 yo


Yes, I stayed at work 'til midnight but I start working around 11:30 so it's really only 12.5 hours of work. There is nothing more to say about that than the amount of work I have is sometimes just not humanly possible.

One of my favorite blogs, when I started blogging in another incarnation, was 50Rx3. (Annex here.) It's now defunct. Once upon a time I used to post whether something was reused (thrift, resale), "new" or had some other redeeming environmental or labor-standards quality (clearly it was all vegan) in an effort to understand the choices I was making as an apparel consumer. An objective summary.

My posting how long I've had stuff lately reminded me of 50Rx3. And I thought it was time I share 50Rx3, now 5 years old (although only a 1-year project) - since it's one of my favorite blogs and a blog I tried to emulate in days past.

I would call myself a biter but I think it's okay to bite stuff that's good for the world.

In a way, I wish I had a more encapsulated, challenging way to frame my shopping and wearing. There is just something so engaging and effective about her documentation. These are the kinds of blogs I really like. I think anyone can just buy stuff (or covet stuff online) but I'm looking for someone to inspire me to get off my ass and actually look at the clothes I have -- not only to put new outfits together but also to also really "get" how much I have and where it comes from. I think this blog has helped me throw some stuff together I would never normally have worn (If I could live in jeans and a fitted shirt with a pair of ballet flats, I probably would - out of sheer laziness.) But a good reminder about production, consumption, and perception is so important for me. They say starting a new habit takes upwards of 21 days -- but changing a social perception about consumption is going to take much longer. So it's something I need to personally keep on my radar if I feel like I'm ever going to improve my consumption habits (or decide fully what that means).

P.S. -

I love when she says if she had foresight she'd take her outfit pictures the same place every day. A girl after my own heart!


  1. this outfit is so YOU. and i love that skirt (i have the same one which is always in rotation!)

  2. Yeah, I just went to have a peep at that blog you like; very interesting, it pays to have little reminders (like sustainable fashion blogs) frequently to keep me from purchasing crazily. Not that I do anymore, which is largely thanks to your self-berating spendy posts. Which is also probably why I have less w_r pics come to think of it. Might be time to get creative with what I already have again.

  3. The plaid shirt with the navy skirt looks amazing. I really like how such simple pieces look so amazing together.


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