Pshaw: An Outfit and a Promise

"Booooorings!" I am unsure why I look like a SNL caricature of a surly teen here but so be it. Let the angst fly.

I wore this to: go to work.; stay at work late

shirt/UO Urban Renewal tank/Erin@Both Yellow Animals pants/TargetFML shoes/vegetarian section @

Ollie has teen angst every single day.

Also, I just wanted to let you all know that my goal is to finish (well, restart and finish) Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States by my birthday (July 22nd!). 682pp, up to the Afterword. I've had it for years, literally, and haven't made it through. Part of it is that even softcover, it's a pain in the ass to carry on the train because it's so large.
"Ready to go! Let me grab my 5 pound tome!"

But this is the month I will JUST DO IT.


  1. Love the kitty picture. And the expression on your face is priceless. I would look more angsty if I were at work all day.
    Thanks for the PH's reminder. I never got past 1/2 way through the Carter-Reagan-Bush chapter, but I did read all of the illustrated People's History of American Empire. I will also join you on this challenge. I've got lots of flights.

  2. Ollie is awesome.

    Oh man. I read parts in College - as part of a course on Labor in the US. I would love to join in this challenge- gotta go dig it out of storage.

    Am also aiming to get through Infinite Jest this summer...

  3. Hey your bday is just a few days after mine....I'm jealous your hair is looking how I wish mine was. (and NOW after writing that, I feel like I sound like an angst ridden teen; bring on Judy Blume)

  4. That shirt look so pretty on you! I need to read that book too. It is actually next on my list! Only 500 pages left on my current read, infinite jest, that book is soo long(and I'm half way through) so Zinn's book will actually be short in comparision.

  5. Oooh, Ollie is so cute!

    I'm not even going to pretend to have tried to read PH. It's not that I don't appreciate Howard Zinn; it's just that I read so many scripts, so many books on voice-over technique or what have you, so many trade papers, so many agent directories, that things I read for pleasure cannot be that long, lest they should be put down and forgotten about when the next issue of Backstage comes out.

    Good luck, though! I envy your literary commitment.

  6. I've read it through but I keep meaning to do so again. Especially since we lost Mr. Zinn this year...

  7. I love that at least 2 of you are reading Infinite Jest, too.

    Anyone reading PH, please feel free to comment here any time about it or your progress!


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