A Pact: My Closet for a Vitamix

That title makes it sound like I'm selling my closet for a Vitamix but I'm not. I am taking a portion of my unexpected tax refund and purchasing a factory-refurbed Vitamix though - and holding off on using my clothing allowance for 6 months to pump up my savings. Nose to the grindstone, ladies. That brings me from July to December.

Guess I won't be getting this UO jacket...


...but that's okay. I'll have wonderful, shiny money!

Here is the deal.

1.) I have scads of clothing. Having 50 pairs of underwear (how is there not an MTV True Life about me?) and a willingness to re-wear jeans and skirts multiple times means I let laundry pile up. When I finally drop off a huge load of laundry, I often marvel at the stuff that comes back. "Oh that! I remember that!" That is really the main reason I'm laying off buying. I just keep finding stuff I own, but forgot I owned, and re-wearing my old standbys. And I am still working through innernette swap stuff.

2.) Even a refurbed Vitamix is expensive and if I'm willing to spend that, I've got to be willing to cut back elsewhere because...

3.) Savings. I'm trying to pump up my savings. If I don't spend my clothing allowance on clothes, then I can put it into savings. My poor anemic savings. I'm also talking about co-buying a house with a friend (very long-term goal) and want to save as much as humanly-JesseO-possible.

4.) Taking the time with my closet. I rarely plan an outfit (can you tell?). Outfit planning usually involves standing in front of my closet, already 15 minutes late for work and checking the weather on my iphone. No more. I am going to pay attention to what's in there. Really this blog was supposed to make me do that - and it has - but not as much as I'd hoped for my remixing aspirations. I am barely making an effort here.

The Vitamix. Oh, right. Dudes. Need I say more?

** Since it was so unexpected, I have a horrible fear that my refund is a horrible joke set up by my accountant and the IRS and I'm going to get a check in the mail for a horrible 89 cents.


  1. I could write #1!

    This sounds like a very good goal, everyone I know who has done a shopping ban has been happy about their decision. I don't have the guts to do it myself though ;-)

  2. I've been trying my hardest to be on shopping-ban... will power, you can do it!

  3. Great idea and awesome goal. My ma gifted me a KTec blender and it scares me, but it's amazing. I think Vita-Mixes are even more awesome, because they can cook things up.
    I'm with you on the remixing. I'm actually not so good at remixing, especially in summers. As for planning, I've found that putting on outfits the night before (which I only do sometimes) and even outfit photos the night before, can help. Good luck!

  4. And it makes play-doh ! :) A vita-mix is seriously cool beans -

    As for re-mixing stuff it's tough. It is easy to fall into routine of wearing same shirt with same pants - same tank with same skirt etc.

    Used to be good about it until I moved in with the hubs, now 1. there is just precious little time to experiment with outfits. 2. I feel kind of silly prancing about in front of a mirror trying on a bunch of stuff, in our teeny little space.

    Good luck though : ) This is a good challenge.

    Also 50 pairs of undies? To me this sounds like a dream - as I am forever doing laundry for the lack of socks and under things.

  5. YOU CAN DO IT! I'm so pumped for you to do this! Most of the reasons why I stopped shopping was to do exactly that. Pump up my savings, pay off my credit cards (which I admire your savvy for saving) and really learn to appreciate what I have in my closet.

  6. a refurbed vitamix was a christmas gift (that i completely orchestrated) back in 2006, and i have used it EVERY DAY since. they are amazing and i can teach you how to make everything from raw vegan ice cream to watermelon juice to raw vegan tomato bisque to raw vegan chocolate pudding to sun dried tomato chipotle salad dressing....the list goes on. we should get together sometime over lunch/dinner and discuss i love to share my recipes ! :) oh yeah and my boyfriend makes us two blenderfuls of green smoothie a day in them (we get 2 quarts each) so you could say the vitamix = 50% of my diet!

  7. Wow, six months is a long time! And it's true, the more you accumulate, the less you wear. Just keep wanting to go back to the old favorites.

    I hope your check isn't a joke, and good luck with your challenge!!

    Chic on the Cheap


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