Layering and Spin Pin Review

This is what I wore to: work; attend Vegan Drinks; stop at a birthday party for 2 minutes; eat a cuban sandwich Curly's


top/urban renewal


cardigan/dept store


With some layering, I finally figured out how to wear this Urban Renewal dress/top. As you can see in that linked picture the bottom is kind of poufy and a little strange. Layering it with a short skirt gave me a built-in slip and made the UR piece less strangely shaped. I have another UR piece around somewhere I've yet to figure out but I'm hoping this heralds a good streak of remixing.

I used the spin pins in the pictures above.

Please note I purchased the spin pins myself, of my own volition, and in no way am beholden to their maker in any way shape or form.

I've played around with the spin pins about 4 times now. As you guys can probably tell from other posts here, I have thick shoulder-length layered hair. The instructions ask you to essentially make a ponytail, wrap it around its base to make a bun and then tuck in the ends. I cannot tuck in my ends - there are too many! So I'm pretty sure this product would work way better for someone with less layered hair. That said, even though my ends don't all tuck, the spin pins do hold the bun where it's supposed to be better than a bunch of bobby pins (and I usually use those long, curved, huge pins along with a bunch of standard bobby pins). So I can use the spin pins for a sturdy bun but I do need a few standard sized bobby pins to tuck in the ends, which is sometimes a little challenging but it can be done.

So, will I use it? Yep, but with an assist from standard bobby pins as it's not the bun panacea it claims to be. But it does hold a lot of hair in place for only 2 pins.


  1. Spin Pins- never heard of these.Your hair looks nice. Buns are always good when it gets hot!

  2. I absolutely love this outfit. Especially the skirt...well especially all of the outfit.


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