June Budget - I Will Kick June's A$$

I usually regale you once per month with my budgetary escapades. (And by escapades I mean OCD-ramblings.) Seems I trailed off for April (tracked but never tallied) and May was a lost cause (although I think I spent within my allotted $80 clothing budget for May -- vintage shoes for $30 and another $40 on vintage clothes between Guvnor and Black Bear).

You have already seen the blouse and here are the shoes:

Thanks to this post on Get Rich Slowly, I've been thinking about my old god-awful money habits vs. my new mostly-responsible debt-free money habits, how long it took me to get here and wondering where I'll end up eventually. I keep hoping a cute Brooklyn house will magically land in my lap, but realistically I don't want the asset tie-up nor the crapola-responsibility that comes with home ownership, especially if it means dealing with tenants. I like to be a free agent. So really, I have no huge financial goals except to take care of myself and save money for a larger TBD goal.

I find it both comical and heartwarming that Cult of Personality Suze Orman helped break me out of my bad monies cycle -- so much so that when I saw she was speaking at the 92nd Street Y, I almost wanted to go, like visiting an old friend. Just me hanging out with leather-outfitted teeth-brighter-than-a-lightbulb "hey, girlfriend" Suze Orman. Clearly if you start with Orman, you eventually outgrow her when the time comes to look at more complex financial issues in your life but she was a good first finance BFF.

Hey girlfriend, can you afford those highlights?
You are approved!

Right now my modest goals are on track:
- by November January my emergency fund will be at 6 months of expenses vs 3
- I've already set up a savings sub-account for non-profit donations
- my unexpected tax refund will cover my vacation

I do have a vacation savings sub-account but the $1k tax refund windfall will help cover petsitting which is almost $500 for 12 days (since I have someone feed my indoor cats twice a day and my feral cat colony once a day - can't forget about my outside cat dudes!)


  1. Awesome! Yeah as to houses - we are hoooolding off on that. Who knows where we'll end up geographically in a years time or two years time... sheesh I wish I got a tax refund too!
    I think our tax pay emptied out our vacation funds. But anyway - we're still taking one! Somethimes yo u just have to get away! I'm sure you've got a good vacation planned : )

    As for the Suze Orman- how does one get teeth that bright?

  2. The weird thing is that I feel like I'll stay in Brooklyn for a while but I just can't see locking up my income into this one thing that I'll be paying for in 30 years. Maybe if I had a huge downpayment and a shorter mortgage, I'd feel better. But as it is now, homes in my area are all 3-family going for $800k+ or apartments (no yard) for at the very least $360k+ for a one-bedroom. With my salary I'd barely be able to afford 5.5% down. And I think the risk with one salary is that if you lose your job, unemployment isn't going to cover your mortgage and you'll likely go into foreclosure unless you sell first.

    Part of me is imaginative that I'll eventually want to live elsewhere with more affordable homes and I'll be able to walk in with a 20-30% down payment but fat chance on a) wanting to move or b) having that much saved on top of an emergency fund.

  3. Sheesh! 360K for one bdrm???? Ludicrous. I am totally digging those T bars.

  4. You are seriously my finance hero, lady! I just paid off my other credit card, which means the only debt that I have is from my student loans. It's more than I would like to have definitely, but I no longer feel sick to my stomach about my bills.

    Oh, and those shoes are total cuteness!

  5. Good for you for having financial goals! I have savings and work seriously, seriously hard to keep them and stay debt-free on my budget, and believe it or not, I get constant ridicule for it. I either have my trust-funded friends moaning at me that 'I should just get an apartment closer to the train!' or my other friends telling me that for as long as I can enjoy it, I should spend my savings and pretend to be trust-funded.

    But I would imagine that when we all hit 30, everyone else will be budget-minded, too.


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