Green Squared (bags, tumblers and denial)

Green like the grass

When I was at the co-op earlier this week I saw a girl in the bulk aisle putting grains - teeny tiny grains - in her cloth produce bags. "Hold the phone," I thought. "I remembered my produce bags today and perhaps I should put my couscous in such a bag" (still thinking, no speaking). So I asked her how that was working out for her (speaking aloud). And she affirmed it was good. (Except not so much for flour.) And thusly I poured two scoops of couscous in my produce bag, wrote out a little yellow PLU# sticker to put on said bag, knotted it tightly and put it in my cart. It survived checkout and travel home, to be poured into a jar.

picture of octo-screened produce bags from
Oh Little Rabbit (Etsy), linked here

With that, I was happy to see our co-op's post on caring for and using fabric produce bags. May the force be with me (read: remember to bring these when shopping, dude).

Also, look at this icey summer beverage faux-disposable reusable container!

I wanted one when I saw it at Starbucks but it had the crap Starbucks logo all over it so I didn't get it. I've just been putting my iced coffee in my regular travel mug so I suppose I don't actually need one of these but I really do want one. Is that insane? Where is the green sense in that? But I keep feeling like iced beverages come from such a receptacle. And not a travel mug. Jury undecided.

Then on Re-Nest I read about a worm bin compost harvesting party. If only I thought of such a thing when I was vermicomposting. It would have been more fun that hovering over my kitchen table solo with a flashlight, worms and dirt everywhere while swearing.

Green like the money the HULK SMASH

I thought it was high time I branched out from having only 1 credit card in my life as I checked my credit scores and, while good, I was dinged for having very few (i.e. 1) lines of unsecured credit. So I applied for a standard credit card and was denied...because I have very few (i.e. 1) lines of credit. How exactly do I deal with this cluster-f catch 22? Do I get a secondary secured card?


  1. Oh man. I don't have a credit card.

    and I know what you mean about having iced drinks come in a more "iced drink" looking mug.

  2. Dude, really? Since you were previously looking at houses I'm guessing you must have other revolving credit accounts that put you in good standing? (car, student debt, etc.?) I have none of that and it's ruining my chances for more credit? SO WEIRD! And frustrating.

  3. Hmmm, I also think iced drinks "seem" better appropriated to a glass looking cup. Yet, that is only clever marketing working on our very susceptible human brains. So, not insane at all. But I am probably insane for thinking that my first sentence makes sense.

  4. Yeah I have lots of student : ( and y olde auto. But the hubs has cc's.
    I don't want one of my own because I know myself and the temptation to spend would just be there. This way I save and save for emergencies and such -unlike some friends I know who have cc's for emergencies.

    But it is odd that you have to have credit to get credit - I mean i understand the reason why from a creditors perspective - but from a common sense perspective it's odd. I mean you have to be a bit in debt to get more credit ? I don't think it's like that in many other places outside the US?

    as for the produce bags : ) I'm going to start using em for grains and such. I buy cereal in bulk so this would be good to try.

  5. Nice mention on the dry produce bags.
    Hadn't thought of that.
    I want to go even further and use cloth bags for fresh produce I buy, instead of using several of the thin, total waste plastic bags they offer up at the grocer.
    I think I'll make some simple ones and *try* to remember to take them - just to use to carry home from the market and wash between each use, maybe?
    Can't imagine any trouble that would make for the produce just for the traveling time, then pop them in the fridge once home.
    Imma give it a whirl!


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