Not that kind of gifted. (Although I did have a strange grammar and high school career, being in gifted classes for literature and writing and remedial classes for math and science. Talk about mixed messages. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I've lost brain cells since then.)

What I really meant is that this dress was gifted to me just yesterday by my friend, L, as it was once hers. I love it. As you guys know, I have a thing for black dresses and am working steadily towards a closet that can host 30 black dresses, one for each day of the month. (Almost) kidding!

I wore this to: drink a collard green smoothie; work; stop @ my boss's house; food co-op shopping; laundry pick-up; eat Amy's vegan mac n' cheese made with Daiya (I wish I didn't know about this); learn that collards raw are less nutritious than collards cooked

glorfied flip flops/payless

It's possible this outfit cost me approximately $8 total.

That's right. I wear flip flops in Manhattan in the summer. (It's really only 40 mins of walking, total, roundtrip subway stops.) And I swear my hair is wet, not slathered with gel or something. That's basically a promise I can always make: my hair is not slathered in gel.


  1. Outfits that are less than $8 always go into the books as a win. I dig the gifted dress belted like that.

  2. You rock the black dress like no one else. And I've also found myself wearing flip flops in Manhattan too.
    Collard smoothie? You're shaming my popsicle habits. I will make a smoothie with beet greens and bokchoy now to deal with my guilt.

  3. Love the simple black dress on you! But collard green smoothies???? Not sure about that. I guess if you could guarantee my figure would transform into yours I'd try to make them a staple. Until then- fat-free lattes all the way.


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