I wore this to: work until 11pm (at least it wasn't midnight again)

lion shirt/ON 2 years ago
blue pants/Target

I am very happy this day because this is the day Big Betty got adopted by my high school friend who, upon seeing me posting her picture, promptly went to our shelter and brought her home. I am thrilled. I love Big Betty and I get the warm fuzzies imagining her living with someone I know and like, and even just knowing where she is. It's so hard to love adoptable animals and have them be homed with strangers and just never hear about them again. (Far better than having them still sit in a shelter, though!)

I almost never wear this lion shirt. I'm not sure why. I was amused when I bought it but now it just reminds me of some trendy 15 year-old girls' shirt screenprint? I'm trying to figure out if there's a better way to wear it (when I layered it with a cardigan I think it was hard to tell what was on the shirt?).

Speaking of lions! I don't know why people purposely get long-haired cats (or why they're bred to be high maintenance) but I ended up with one so I must pay the piper. Grooming is no longer something I make fun of, thinking it's for people with too much time on their hands. Girl needs to be groomed in the summer; her coat's just too hot for her. So, Olivia got her first lion cut and went from this:

to this:

She seems happy and she feels like velvet!


  1. Cute lion shirt. And I dig the lion cut on Olivia. She is looking cool in the Brooklyn heat.


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