Dress up. The boring kind.

I wore this to: go to work; attend a commissioner/residents' meeting for work at night; eat dinner at Whole Foods

ann taylor jacket
thrift skirt, tailored
s.madden heels

I don't usually have to wear boring clothing business attire for work. Even when we have meetings with outside agencies, it's often agencies we know, and with some shelter component so people are business casual. Business attire is not my thang. Not by a longshot. But, as most people know, I will do anything for animals. And that includes dressing like a dork if it presents better at a meeting. As it was, I didn't have to speak but I was initially invited to voice our position statement on something, if called upon, so it was important.

What are some good business attire style site for meetings with officials? Or is that just the kind of thing that you need to have a very expensive well-cut suit for since it needs to be plain? Also, I wish I felt okay about showing up in trousers but I don't have any official-looking trousers.

In other news - we split both a vegan yellow cupcake (standard, good) and the vegan chocolate pudding from Whole Foods. Having avoided trying the pudding for ages after some disgusting tofu-based metallic "chocolate" puddings in my past, I was happy to find it tasted rich, creamy and more of a dark chocolate mousse than pudding. Way to go, WF.

Oh, and I got a blister from wearing heels. At this point I feel like, you know, screw you, heels. I'm over you. There is nothing wrong with dainty, walking-friendly, freeing flats. Heels. We're done.


  1. At least those cursed heels look good! You've got the gams for them, if not the patience.

  2. I really like your "business attire", you don't look all stuffy and corporate.


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